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March 31, 2000

Up-Coming Programs F/ TLC

Program Title





1 All That

Tuesday, April 4

6:00 pm ET


TLC will appear in a new episode.
2 Behind The Music

Thursday, April 6

6:00 pm ET


(Rerun) TLC biography.
3 Behind The Music

Sunday, April 9

8:00 pm ET


(Rerun) TLC biography.
4 Behind The Music

Tuesday, April 11

11:30 pm ET


(Rerun) TLC biography.
5 Disney Summer Jam

Friday, June 23

8:00 pm ET


Live pertormances by TLC, Enrique Iglesias, & others.

*This section is updated as soon as we're notified of a television appearance the group will be making

March 28, 2000

Left-Eye Bumpin' It Up
Crazy girl Left-Eye, who guest appears on Sporty Spice - er... Mel C's "Never Be The Same Again" has bounced up to the top spot of the UK singles chart, knocking down former Spicer Geri Halliwell. As y'all know Left-Eye's rap is off da' hook! Gotta give her props for bumpin' Mel C to her first number one single!

Peep This is featuring a series of backstage interviews with Crazy, Sexy, and Cool at one of their final shows on the Fanmail tour! T-Boz is featured this week peepin' it up about her engagement, dance style, songwriting, and rehearsing. Check out the candid interview here!

March 23, 2000

Catch March 23, 2000

Catch It Before Its Gone!
Alright peeps, we are counting down the handful of days we have left to catch Crazy, Sexy, and Cool on their Fanmail tour. If you haven't already, tell your friends to "Come On Down" to your pad and watch the biggest selling female group of all time perform their first headlining tour! Here's the rest of the Pay-Per-View schedule:

Friday, March 24
Saturday, March 25
Sunday, March 26
Monday, March 27
Wednesday, March 29
ENCORE - Friday, March 31

For a little some'in some'in from TLC, click here

March 22, 2000

Left-Eye Parties with *NSYNC
Left-Eye joined the boys of *NSYNC in midtown Manhattan at a record release bash to celebrate *NSYNC's sophomore album No Strings Attached! Other attendees at this New York bash included Luther Vandross and Rachel Hunter. As you know, our fly rapa' appears on *NSYNC's track entitled "Space Cowboy." Check it out - it is off da' hook! For more information, visit

March 7, 2000

Reminder: TLC on Pay-Per-View
Can't get enough of TLC? Did you miss them when they stomped through your town on their Fanmail tour? Well now you can watch the girlzzz in the comfort of your own home! On Saturday, March 18, Pay-Per-View will be airing "TLC SOLD OUT," the full-length Fanmail concert! So get y'er friends together and dance around your living room to the vibes of our favorite trio!

Here's the schedule:

Premiere - Saturday, March 18
Sunday, March 19
Monday, March 20
Wednesday, March 22
Thursday, March 23
Friday, March 24
Saturday, March 25
Sunday, March 26
Monday, March 27
Wednesday, March 29
Friday, March 31

Please check with your local cable company to confirm these show dates and times. For more info on the Pay-Per-View shindig, click here!

TLC's All That!
TLC will be gracing Nickelodeon's comedy combined with hip-hop show All That on April 4 @ 6:00 PM ET. Be sure to check it out! Speaking of Nickelodeon, make sure you click on over to and vote for TLC as they are up for this year's Kid's Choice Awards 2000 for Best Group!

Give It Up, Give It Up, Give It Up, Y'all!
TLC has just snared another pair of well-deserved props for their Fanmail album! This past weekend, the group received two honors at the 14th Annual Soul Train Awards, taking Best R&B/Soul Album by a Group, Band or Duo: "Fanmail," and Best R&B/Soul Single by a Group, Band or Duo: "No Scrubs." The awards, held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, was co-hosted by our own Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. She was joined onstage with LaFace label-mate, Donnell Jones. During the evening, the two performed Donnell's current hit, "U Know What's Up." For more news and photos, click here.

March 3, 2000

TLC Is World Renowned!
All these awardz are getting out of hand, but we love it! TLC has just won Best International Group at the BBC Awards in London! They came up strong in the category baggin' the award against fellow nominees the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and the Cardigans. Oh my gosh, so much love for T-Boz, Left-Eye, and Chilli all ova' da' globe! For the full list of the BBC Award winners, click here.

Thanks Kyle for the heads-up!

March 2, 2000

Fanmail's Movin' On Up The Billboard Charts
Just a week and a half post Grammy Awards ceremony, the girlz are streaming up the The Billboard 200 album chart, moving up 35 slots to #53 for their Grammy Award winning album Fanmail for Billboard issue date March 11, 2000!

Click And Vote - Online Hip-Hop Awards!
Show much love for TLC by voting for them in this year's Online Hip-Hop Awards! The girlz have been nominated in two categories this year including Song of the Year R&B: "No Scrubs," and Album of the Year: Fanmail! In an effort to celebrate hip-hop culture, the Online Hip-Hop Awards gives props to select artists each year. Winners will be annouced April 12, 2000. To vote for our fly trio, click here!

March 1, 2000

Boy Bands Beware!
TLC keeps on keepin' on - with props left and right from the Grammies, Soul Train Music Awards, Blockbuster Awards,and the BBC Awards. The latest: Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards 2000! The girlz share the Best Group nomination with Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and 98 Degrees. This Awards Ceremony is unique in that the peeps get to vote for the winners. We're all a kid at heart, so make sure you click on over to and vote for our fly trio! Boy bands beware - TLC is stompin' all ova' da' place!

TLC To Appear on Goodie M.O.B.'s Upcoming Video
The Grammy Awards were not the only reason TLC flew into LaLa Land this past week. Turns out the girlz stuck around a few extra days to shoot a video for "What It Ain't," Goodie M.O.B.'s upcoming single! Our man Dallas Austin was also on the set "manning the boards" to make it sound as tight as ever! This video is gonna be off da' hook! Look out for it in the next couple of weeks and spread the buzz! For the full story, visit

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