I Miss U So Much

I never asked for this feeling I never thought I would fall I never knew how I felt Till the day you were gone I was lost I never asked for red roses I wasn't looking for love Somehow I let my emotions take hold And guess what all at once I'm in love

Chorus: Oh I miss you so much I long for your love I t's scares me Cuz my heart gets so weak That I can't even breathe How can you take things so easily Baby why aren't you missing me?

Why did I act like you mattered It was silly of me to believe That if I just opened my heart Things would come naturally Jokes on me (yeah) I did not ask for love letters So why did you give them to me How could I let your intentions Get hold over me So in love So naive (oh baby)


And oh how I hate what you have done Made me fall so deep in love Got no cure You're the only one I want That I love oh baby


Baby why aren't you missing me? Baby why aren't you missing me?

(Babyface and Daryl Simmons) 1999 ECAF Music, Inc. (BMI) and Boobie and DJ Sonds admin. by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)

Produced by Babyface & Daryl Simmons for Silent Partner Productions, Inc. Recorded by Paul Boutin at Brandon's Way, Los Angeles, CA, Silent Soun Studios and Doppler Studios, Atlanta, GA/Lead Vocals Recorded by Thom "TK" Kidd/Assisted by Kevin Lively and Ralph Cacciurri/Mixed by Jon Grass at Brandon's Way Recording, Los Angeles, CA/Keyboards, Drum Prgramming, and Acoustic Guitar by Babyface/Piano by Greg Phillinganes/Acoustic Guitar by Michael Thompson/Bass by C.C. Thomas/ Background Vocals by Chilli, Debra Killings and Necia Bray Production Coordinator: Ivy Skoff