Well this song got TLC plus 4 nominations and made them when 3 Grammies .

Yep you got the hint TLC No Scrubs (Grammy Style).

No Scrubs History "No Scrubs" is One of the Hottest songs in the first Quarter of this Year! No Scrubs held the number one spot for 4 weeks. There was no surprize, with the combination of radio airplay and there their single now in stores which sold about 133,939 units in there first week, they edged out Cher and other contenders on the charts to the number one spot.

Some artist even took the song and rearranged it to fit the male's point of view. Sporty Theives changed the word "Scrub" to "Pigeons", which mean a scrubby female. It's the same song, same beat, just different words. It's mostly rap, but it's funny. You can download it at the top." I don't want No Pigeon..." There is also a response song to that one called "No Scrubs part 2" by All Women. There is also a song called No "Hooch" Destiny's Child even don't want "No Scrubs" with there #1 Single, "BillsBillsBills." As they say they need a Baller, someone to help them out, instead of a scrub, who don't know what they are all about!"

Disc 1 (US single): 1) No Scrubs (album version) 2) No Scrubs (Instrumental)

Disc 2(IMPORT)): 1)  "No Scrubs" (Radio version) 2)  "No Scrubs" (Main Mix featuring Left Eye) 3)  "Silly Ho"

No Scrubs(Real Audio)

No Scrubs Accapella(Real Audio)

No Scrubs(Radio Version)