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"For Rizzle My Nizzle!..." "Best Ever Cadet Summit!"

A Real Life Account of the 2002 "Secret Summit" Cadet Beach Party!!!

What a great, no, no, no, What a SUPER RAD Secret Summit we had this year! I would have to venture a guess at the Best ever! (Although it would be hard to say not being at the '97 or '98 summit) There was food, and girls, and more food, and Mike Gerudo was there! There were Marshmallows, Campfire Sing-along, and Crazy Green skinned freaky kids in the Shadow of that big Electric plant... and it was all good, it was Buttah...

After a nine mile, Two and a half hour walk from the "Pacific View inn and Suites" hotel (Never stay there by the way) I arrived at the Super cool Cadet only beach party, well, mostly cadet beach party anyways. I was greeted at the gates, as was everyone else in attendance by the Aquabats themselves! And I thought to myself, what a wonderful world! As I got in the gates, Cadets from all over the states were mingling everywhere!

I saw IanBat, and Veggie Bat, and stopped over for a lengthy hello! I then found Astreas Locke (Afro Bat) and said hello, to him and his crew. I looked around for familiar faces, and noticed many happy people, such as: The Mint Army!, Orange Man, Bright Dude, Spider Bat, Mysterious Mikey, Quail Bat, Cadet Triple 6, and Oh so many people! It was GRRRRRRRRRRREAT!

Now to hurry this lil shindig along... After a brief welcome and a note to tip the chef, and drink servers or they would spit in your food/drink, and then a short break we were off to the Awards Ceremony! What a stupendous Ceremony that was! Awards and Honorable mentions were awarded accordingly, and fun was had by all! Astreas (afro) - Cadet of the Year! Congrats! Bootleg Batboy and his sister- Furthest traveled, overcoming Anthrax and fighting terrorism Cadet award. Congrats! Mint Army- Patrol Award. The A.C. Bubba Master- Spazmatic Award I (AquaFlash!) got an Honorable mention for this beautiful website you are looking at, Colorbat got an honorable mention for, I don't know, being colorful or something. BrightGuy and Orange Man got an honorable mention for being bright and orange. The girl that works at got an award for making the cadet cards. Mysterious Mikey and Spider bat got honorable mention, Cadet Triple 6 got one, and so did many more people! And after all this fun was over, another break to meet and greet cadets and Aquabats alike.

In this great break, a few CRAZY KIDS went swimming in the wild Sea, Mostly there were lots, and lots, and lots, and... well you get the idea, of pictures, and autograph signing sessions. Almost everyone partook in a wonderfully gourmet hotdog on a bun, and some free sody-pop, except for those crazy Vegans! They just ate sand. Before the sun went down the aquabats and cadets got in one single picture, a picture for the ages! Some of the bats tried to have a surf break, but it was a lil cold, and there were no waves, well what do you expect for January! More pictures and autographs, and finally the grand daddy of all, the peak, the climax, the finale...

The Ceremonial Lighting of the Bonfire... not too ceremonious... Crash lit the fire, and everyone huddled around to warm there little frozen behinds! The bats finally came along and it began with a short verse of "We Didn't Start the Fire" by our incomparable Bat Commander! Now things were really heating up... Literally, more wood and more gas on the pit. Now the real fun. The topper on the cake... The sing-along! Never have I experienced such a wonderful thing! All the best songs were sung including: Tarantula, Idiot Box, Pinch and Roll, My Skateboard, Super Rad, and yes... Even Knowledge! Also: Marshmallow Man, Cd Repo Man, Theme Song, Lobster Bucket, practically, every song off of "The Return of" and so many great songs I could have died that night! Fun was had by all in attendance!

So as you can plainly see... This was the Greatest, by far Summit ever held! With, Games, Fun Surprises, Sing-along, Cadets, Aquabats, Food, Friends and everything. I CAN NOT WAIT for the next Summit! I hope to see everyone there next time around!

So So Hip!

The One and Only AquaFlash!