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The Orange County SUPERTONES!!!

Welcome to my site dedicated to what I believe is the best Christian Ska band ever! Yes, that's right! They're the OC SUPERTONES!!!

Strike Back!

The Supertones are known for their upbeat hard-core ska that doesn't compromise their beliefs. With 4 albums currently on the market, they are a popular group. You can't be into christian music without at least knowing who the Supertones are. Their albums include in order "The Adventures of the OC Supertones", "Strike Back", "Chase the Sun", and "Loud and Clear".


As a Christian Ska band, the Supertones are on a mission. To reach the world for Christ through their music. It's the Revolution of Ska as we know it. To read lyrics to songs go to their website at You'll see what I mean.

I can hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!

Have you ever been to a Supertones concert? You should! The Supertones are famous for their concert style. In their latest concert they were dressed in orange jumpsuits and basically "filled" the stage. They run, jump, bounce and scream. Their music is fast, hard, up-beat and just plain AWESOME! When you are at a Supertones concert all you want to do is dance and have fun!

Below are Individual Photo albums for each band member, and a poll to vote for your favorite!! How cool is that??