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You've just entered the site dedicated to the most awesome, great, amazing yet different band called Newsboys!

Oh yeah!

Newsboys is a funk, and rock mix sounding band that originally came up from Australia. They have had many albums come out including some of the most famous: "Take me to your Leader", "Step Up to the Microphone", "Not Ashamed", and "Love, Liberty, Disco".


Above is a picture drawn by Lisa Coutras from their famous song "Breakfast". The lyrics are twisted, yet have a deeper meaning showing a common quality found in almost every Newsboy's song.


Newboys are also well known for their live concert performances including one that got famous when it was taped and then sold as a video. "Newsboys--Live one night in Pennsylvanis" Is the music video that captured one of their most upbeat and famous concerts. They are currently doing a tour by which they inflate the stadium they will perform in...To see, hear, and learn more about Newsboys go to or check out to buy newsboys merchandise and clothing...:0)