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The Tamia Webring!
The Tamia Webring

Welcome to the Tamia Webring, the first and only webring created for sites dedicated r&b singer Tamia Washington. The Tamia webring is not limited only to Tamia sites, however. We also accept other hip hop and r&b sites. Here are the basic guidelines for joining the Tamia webring... while some exceptions may be made on a special basis (the only way to know whether your site meets the guidelines is to submit it!) there are certain sites that will not be tolerated:

Absolutely NO sites that contain:

Illegal Activity
Offensive Behavior
Racial Defamation
Sites that contain links to such sites.

The following are artists that have collaborated with Tamia:

Eric Benet



Chaka Khan

Jermaine Dupri


LL Cool J

Barry White


Gladys Knight

Other artists that are linked to Tamia would include Tevin Campbell, Quincy Jones, George Micheal, Micheal Bolton, Olivia Newton-John, and more.

Also sites about Speed 2 and R&B music pages are ideal.

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