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since 2/3/00
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The database is for woofers only. Please enter the first few letters of the SPEAKER MANUFACTURER you are looking for. Click on a driver to reveal the parameters and then you can use the down arrow key on keyboard to page down, revealling each driver's parameters. I will eventually have all fields full (i.e. alignments,prices, etc.) The database is a little slow due to the 280 drivers so please be patient.
I currently have Airborne, Audax, Cabasse, Dynaudio, Eton, Focal, Morel, Peerless,and Scanspeak.
Click on buttons below for quick box-port sizes! Results are for maximum flat response. The calculations were based on Ray Alden's "Advanced Speaker Systems" pgs. 41-43 & Vance Dickason's "The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook" pgs. 47-50

The TL Calculator is based on Larry Sharp's
"Quick and Easy Transmission Lines". The results give smaller than usual line lengths but with stuffing, it evens out. The stuffing amount is a starting point, you'll have to play it by ear (literally).


To Main Channel pg.

This is my first speaker project. It's a tapered transmission line speaker. The design is by David Weems.


To Center Channel pg.

The center channel speaker is of my own design using 4" fiberglass drivers and a 1" silk dome tweeter all from MCM Electronics in a MTM arrangement.


To Subwoofer Pg.

The self powered subwoofer is sort of a kit from from MCM Electronics. They had a special on the woofer/crossover/terminal. They also sell the box to complete the kit. I later added the amp, also from MCM Electronics