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Sigma Alpha Iota Theta Pi

Welcome to Sigma Alpha Iota-Theta Pi chapter of Chrisopher Newport University. Feel free to browse our site to learn how easy it is to join SAI. Sigma Alpha Iota is a fraternity for college women who have a strong intrest in music. You don't have to be a music major, just one music course is all it takes (along with a few other things). Our fraternity gets its members involved in community activities, music performances and also allows them to have fun with their talent! When you become a member, you will also get a chance to meet other members from all over the United States. FYI- Did you know that pop singer Sheryl Crow is a member of SAI, so is Jade Smalls (first runner up to Miss America 2000)! These are only a few of the many talented women who have "made it big" in the music profession.

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