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Megan's Trading Page: Tori/Ani/PJ/Liz/Kristin/Natalie/Suzanne/ETC.

UPDATE: This page hasn't been updated in a mighty long time.... I think because adding all the new arrivals plus their respective set lists in html got too annoying for me. Thankfully though, dispite my laziness, people still email wanting to trade:) However, that's the reason for this update. I've gotten alot of email recently with intrests in trading...First, THANKS-- I normally would love the opportunity to do that, but secondly-- I'm unable to do trade for the next 1/2 year or more. I'm going to study a semester abroad in Scotland (wooh hooh!) so I'm taking that opportunity and obviously have had to leave my burner at home- no big deal. I hope all of you that have emailed me find the discs you were wanting from me from another trader (and im sure you will... not too hard, there are ALOT out here:) and for anyone just now visiting- this saves you from spending your time searching through this page. Thanks for reading and best~ Megan...dec.31.00....

Hello.... so this is my attempt at a trading page. I have a handful of artists that I have been collecting, and a handful that I would like to start collecting.

Thus far I have amassed a varied selection of singer/songwriters, with the largest collections being tori amos, pj harvey, ani difranco, and kristin hersh. I am always looking to expand pretty much all the artist that i collect. Right now there are 17 different musicians in my bootleg collection, and im always open to new ones:)

I have pretty much stopped looking for Tori stuff, maybe just taking a break from her- but at the moment im not really interested in acquiring much or any more. Otherwise I'd be up for mostly anything, but if you click on the "want list" banner below you can find of EXACTLY want im looking for.

I'm cd-r capable and I'd like to just trade cd-r for cd-r, but if you have something really lovely on tape we can work it out. Also, if you have original disc art work (or make nice ones yourself) and can make pretty good quality print-outs, I'd like to trade copies of the art work with the music. (Update: actually I no longer mind one way or the other about artwork or cases. I'm willing to either send out as minimal as a few cds taped up inside cardboard with a padded mailer, or sending a complete package of cds with appropriate cases and full color artwork+picture disc labels, whatever you want and are able to do.) If you find anything on these pages that you'd like to have, you can email me your list, web page address or any questions to:



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Ani Difranco

PJ harvey

Tori Amos

Suzanne Vega


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