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Catatonia Picture Bar

Here are a collection of quotes from all 5 members of the band. Some are inciteful views on the world and the others are just damn funny! Enjoy!

Aled Richards

"People always laugh at me for buying our singles!"

"In a relationship, do you find yourself not washing or brushing your teeth as often as when you started out?"

Cerys Matthews

"I learnt to say 'hello handsome' in Dutch. I was making all the boys say it, not telling them what it meant."

"Owen will be running naked over any mountain that will have him."
- When asked what they'll be doing when the millennium starts

"I can't respect any country that doesn't know who Uncle Bulgaria is!"

"We like having little accidents and trying different things out, like that guy who found out about smallpox and cowpox. It's keeping an open mind isn't it?"

"I don't believe in all this Jif, antiseptic, antibacterial, hygiene, blue, Fairy Liquid rubbish. It's just drug companies making a mint out of people's insecurities. What you need to do is go round licking your kitchen floor - then you'll never be ill again!"

"If someone wants to take pictures of me, I want them to take pictures of me looking ridiculous! I'd rather that, it makes me laugh."

"I've got nothing against pornography - except all the bad knickers."

"It was mad! All these girls dressed up in boas and heels and they have to climb back over the mountain to get home. In the dark! Drunk!"
- Talking about a secret gig at Swallow Falls

"That was one of my fads - a sushi restaurant in Cardiff called 'Can You Smell My Fish?'...It'd have a swimming pool too, so maybe I'd rename it 'Can You Smell My Fish Underwater?' Anything goes at my bar. Except Sunny Delight."
- When asked if she wanted to open her own bar

"I once dressed up as a mountain when I was in Spain. It was for some fancy dress do. It was awful though - nobody knew what I was! I had my face painted green and I had green hair and I had sheep stuck all around my thighs! Mountains don't come without sheep, do they?"

"I just don't understand when people compare chocolate to sex. I'm like: 'What sex are you having?' or 'What chocolate am I eating?'."

"Why do people fancy Leonardo DiCaprio? It's like eating Wotsits when you can have a big bowl of Octopus in ink."

"It's all rush-hours and hard-ons."
- Talking about the London Underground

"I like singing Welsh folk songs because they have nice perverted lyrics, singing about cuckoos when they mean people's genitalia."

"I'd flirt with a dog. If it caught my attention for a while."

"Owen's stroking his guitar again. Watch how he gets jiggy with it, slowly at first, then faster. Very phallic."

"Probably the day I went swimming in the river - naked on a pink inflatable hippo. I was floating serenely downstream, then I turned the corner and there were all these scouts on the riverbank."
- Remembering the recording of International Velvet

"I can't sing with my legs closed. It's impossible. Shirley Bassey's voice coach says you've got to open your airways. I got it wrong! I took it the wrong way!"

"I used to go clubbing a lot in Cardiff, living to excess. But I had to stop when I started seeing pigs ears growing out of people's heads."

"I've never been interested in classical music, to be honest. I'll wait till I'm deaf to get into that."

"I think bra measurers are desperate ladies who go around feeling peoples' boobs, really."

"Mills and Boon in a morgue."
- Talking about 'The Hornet's Nest' by Patricia Cornwell

"There's so much thrown at us from the left side, right side, middle side, backside. How do you make an opinion when there's so much information and you're not close to the source of the truth?"

"People worry about comedy or nippancy in music. That's just daft. In the same way that comedians are meant to be the saddest people, sometimes the most poppiest pop songs are the most poignant. Isn't that just obvious?"

"The world is getting madder and madder. Weather told by dwarves and naked boys and girls? You're sitting there thinking: 'Welcome to the modern era. [In a robot voice] What's your number? Dur-dur-de-doo, and we're all pretending we're still living in the old days because we've got wooden kitchen utensils. We all live in this mad world."

"My Mother got this advice from my Grandmother on contraception when she married: 'You can take the train to London, but you can always get off at Reading!' But it didn't work. She didn't want to get off!"

"One of my favourite things I had was this tendon from a chicken's foot. In fact I tried to grow it in a teapot full of water that I hid in the bathroom. It rotted."

"People will always eat meat, but we ought to look after the animals. If we look after them better, it'll taste better."

"What I'm going to do is have a programme that combines pop singing, gardening and being a TV chef, with a bit of interior decorating thrown in. I reckon that's the way to get ahead in showbiz."

"Just say to the clothes assistant: 'What's going on with your maths? Go back to school! That's not a 10!'."

"I'd provide beds to chill out on and big wooded hillsides everyone could fornicate on, with bugle players to herald each orgasm. Oh, and a Ferris wheel that when you get off, you ski naked down a slope and into a dolphin pool."
- Describing her ideal party

"They're starting to take over the house. We've had to invent a game to try and get rid of a few of them. It's called Millennium Gnome and basically we put them on the garage roof and try and knock them off with champagne corks."
- Talking about her gnome collection

"Mark's got the biggest cock and I've got the biggest brain, Paul's the fastest runner and he's got a gorgeous little babby, and Aled's just having babbies all over the shop, more babbies than we can afford, and Owen's got a lovely guitar..."

"I'm not a fan of Madonna. I think she functions in binary numbers."

"Imagine if Guy Fawkes had blown them all up. I wish he'd try it again."
- Talking about politicians

"Consumerism has gone mad. It's frightening. Everything's got a logo and every phrase you hear is associated with a product. It's become so formulated and I hate that. When I'm given something and told to swallow it, my reaction is to spit it out. I don't want to be told how to respond."

"We're the best tunesmiths of the Nineties. Proper tunes, original tunes, tunes that will spook you, tunes that will seduce you. You'll go to hell and back with Catatonia."

"With all the boy bands now, all the teen sensations, all the videos, and all the rest of it, it's about market forces and what you make the public want to hear. It's sad. And then all we're left with is some stupid, tacky MTV video."

"Maybe it's the fluoride they added to the water in the Seventies but I think we're all a bunch of very talented individuals."
- Talking about Welsh bands

"There's somebody down the road from me, I can't believe how rude she is. The other day she told me to cut my lawn! 'Long grass could kill a child,' she said. Presumably they fall over and it lodges in their eye. Death by grass - can't be very common."

"I could make a mink coat out of a whippet, and a beef stew out of a chicken. And I'd sing while I was doing it."

"There's all kinds of liqueur cocktails which we mix up in tupperware."

"All my heroes and idols are drag queens and old Hollywood stars."

"I'd like to get married naked in a turquoise sea, with a blind priest so you could get up to all manner of things."

Mark Roberts

"We did all our experimental stuff first, and then went rock, and now we just don't know what the fuck we're doing!"

"Can we choose between Robin Cook, David Mellor or a sheep?"

"We're between Gershwin and East 17, right in the middle."

"Success stops you being able to do what you did in the first place that made you successful."

"You know how Oasis make good songs for just before you go out to the pub? Well our songs are going to cater for every human emotion."

"What do you do when you get there? It would be like getting a goldfish out of a bowl and chucking it on the carpet."
- On the notion of moving to London

"The album also includes big Bryan Adams ballads, like the theme from Robin Hood, but fucked up the arse with a huge log."
- Talking about International Velvet

"Bands these days have no excuse for releasing shit songs. Not with all that history of popular music behind them. If you've got a record collection, you know what works and what doesn't. You have no excuse for writing crap."

"I think you should know your own limitations and then ignore them and go ahead and do what the fuck you want anyway."

Owen Powell

"I honestly don't believe record companies listen to B sides. You could record a cat farting and they wouldn't be bothered."

"As soon as you hear the first notes you'll get about ten people in the audience go 'Waaaaahh!'"
- Talking about playing 'Do You Believe In Me?' live

"You never know quite what you're going to get with a Jaffa Cake."

"Sort of a rock gig with stabilisers. A training gig."
- Talking about the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party

"We used to have our meals half an hour earlier than everyone else, just so we could watch The Simpsons."

"Vegetable sex!"

"If everyone's constantly telling you you're really interesting because you're so maudlin and morbid, you probably get a guitar and think, 'Well, I was going to write this really happy song but fuck it, I'll talk about the agony of my childhood - again'."

"Celtic people used to just run around completely starkers, totally uninhibited, until the Romans came...They've got a lot to answer for, the Romans. Them and their central heating."

"I don't know who Posh Catatonia is actually. Aled's Baby Catatonia."

Paul Jones

"You could fit half a dozen of them in Prince's pocket, they are that small."
- Talking about The Corrs

"Oh look, there's you. Interview terminated, Cerys sees a picture of herself!"

"They've got gnomes inside them."
- Talking about Ant and Dec

"Now, on this tour, Owen has gained something of a reputation for Riding the Tiger."

"Deep down I think there's a part of all of us that wants to be Cerys."

"I don't stand near the front, but if I feel the need for attention I just stop playing and everyone gasps."