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Catatonia Picture Bar

Here are links to a number of Catatonia sites. If you know of any especially good ones that I'm missing then please let me know. Or if you have a Catatonia site you'd like me to include a link to I'd be more than happy to. Just e-mail me!

I've also included some links to other sites worth checking out when wanting to book concert tickets or when trying to find rare Catatonia memorabilia.

Catatonia Sites

  • Cerys Matthews - Cerys' official site, complete with her diary entries.
  • Way Beyond Blue - An excellent site run by Gaspode and dedicated to Catatonia and their fans.
  • The Temporary Cat Board - Originally set up as a temporary board for when Adam Shutes' message board wasn't working. Since Adam's website sadly closed it has become a permanent fixture.
  • Ymroddiad i Cerys - Translating as 'A Devotion To Cerys', this site is exactly what it says it is. It also includes a section on the rest of the band.
  • Cerys World - An excellent site dedicated to the one and only Miss Cerys Matthews!
  • Paper, Scissors, Stone - A good site although fairly minimal at the minute.
  • Sublime Magic - A great site with all sorts of things, including a cool Catatonia hangman game and a gallery of catfans!!

Online Music Ordering Sites

  • More Music - A very useful site as it has a list of links to all online music shops in the UK!
  • Left Legged Pineapple - One of my favourite online music shops. Good prices and very reliable.
  • Opal Music - An excellent site that's also very reliable
  • Sebon - Welsh music shop
  • Gemm - Another very good site. Often have some very rare items in stock and their prices are usually very reasonable.
  • Tower Europe - Not always very reliable but possibly worth a try.
  • Eil - Have a good supply of rare items, especially promos and import CDs.
  • X Records - Not a huge selection but still good.
  • VIP-24 - The world's only online fair including some great Catatonia items PLUS info on all UK fairs.

Online Ticket Ordering Sites