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My Ricky Martin Concert Experience March 2000

OMG...OK..I'll try to calm myself down enough to tell you all about it! was... FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!!!! NO! That doesn't EVEN describe it!!!! OK, we stood around by the arena door..beside his 8 semis (correction, the newspaper says about 13 semis! Guess I was blind! LOL) and 5 buses..(later about 7 or 8 buses..) and waited for him..they said he was doing a sound check. The band arrived in 2 huge buses..they got off, and waved at me!! They were cool. But no Ricky. So we waited around for like 2 hours..freezin our Bon Bons off!! Cause..well its WINTER IN WINNIPEG!!!! And then we finally had to go inside..and when we came back out the security guard..with whom we sorta made friends with, said he arrived about 10 mins after we left!!!! BUT it was ok..I was pissed..but it didn't really matter cause the concert TOTALLY made up for it! Ok, the real deal..we went in..they didn't check for cameras AT I got pictures needless to say!!!! They hand out the thing to send away for a free picture too. They also hand out his and hers Armani cologne samples, which incidentally smell REALLY GOOD! Then I went and bought a black shirt with about 5 pics of Ricky on it and the tour dates on the back, I got the Tour Book, which is AWESOME, and the little card thing thats on a strap that goes around your neck. Everything was pretty expensive though, but WELL worth it! THEN we went to our seats. My seats were 4th row, just off the floor..but I was right near the tunnel where the hockey players would normally come out, and the band members were all standing around there talking and I could see them going underneath this little platform that was right beside me, through the tunnel. I had my big sign with me..It said..*Ricky Will U Be My Prom Date?* and it was on neon pink paper. The arena was all smokey..they were pumping fog in..and the stage is HUGE, like ENORMOUS, and its RIGHT matter WHERE you can see him..nose bleed section or not..cause the arena felt really small, cause his stage is so big. There is this huge curtain covering it and you can't see it really..except the front circle part..and they have this tarp across where the car comes up. THEN there is a screen in each corner of the arena and they showed a Pepsi and an Armani and got the crowd all freaked out. And then..the fun began.... The lights went out, and the curtain around the stage went up..there was this huge drop screen and they showed a short movie on it and the side screens in the corners of the arena. It was Ricky getting out of bed and washing and then being chased around by reporters and girls. Except its about Ricky sorta getting in an accident..but its all good anyway...LOL. It was cute..I took a picture of it. Then..the car runs into the fire hydrants and comes Ricky up from the bottom of the stage on top of the car. OMG I couldn't believe it. I started freaking. I was frozen. I couldn't move. He was GORGEOUS. No, there are NO words for it. He was MORE than gorgeous. He danced on the car and was awesome. He sung *Woke up, in Manitoba!!!* and of course, everyone went crazy!! I was surprised at first at how different his voice sounded in real life. It seemed higher to me, at first. Not only his singing voice..but his speaking voice sounded really different to me. I don't know..maybe it was just me..but he just sounded different. I think now maybe he was nervous a bit. BUT, he sounded AWESOME. And actually after awhile..he sounded like RICKY. LIKE OMG..RICKY MARTIN. There were soo many hilights..I couldn't possibly tell you all of them...but I'll tell you some of the best... For SYBB..he got lost in the rafters some where, changing his clothes..swl..and didn't show up until the middle of the song!!! Right before that..he was singing I Am Made Of You, and he goes up to the roof on this thing and he's supposed to come back down on it, in different clothes..but he didn't and he shows up half way through in his different clothes..and jumps onto the stage from behind it some where. BUT it was worth it, cause he shook it even harder..and actually he had his back to us and was shakin his bon bon so hard that his mic pack fell off and he started laughing and had to turn around and pick it up. He also forgot the words to SYBB and started making them got confused I think..SWL. Private Emotion was great..he was all over the place the whole concert. He was on this big balcony right up by the ceiling, and the girl singing with him was at the bottom, then they got on these moving sorta fire poles and switched places. They reached out towards eachother as they went was beautiful. There was a conveyor belt on either side of the stage and little stages all over the place and fire poles and he was all over the place. The hilights were for sure..well.ok..this is THE BEST PART...omg.. I had my sign, this neon pink thing right? *Ricky will you be my prom date?* OMG..I can't even believe it.... He goes by on the conveyor belt..I'm not even sure what song it was...and I see him squinting at me, trying to read the sign. And I'm jumping and screaming. And then the song is over, and he goes back to the middle of the stage and was talking. There were TONS of signs, and someone else on the floor on the other side had a sign asking him to wish their mother a happy birthday. So he's like *Aww cute! Happy Birthday!!* and then he looks over a me...and points at me, cause I'm out near this platform right? And I was almost the only one standing up, and he looks and points at me. He goes *And You wanted me to be your prom date? SURE! ANYTIME BABE!!* and threw his arms up in the air. I almost hit the floor..I melted right there..I freaked out chicas..TOTALLY freaked out!!!! I couldn't believe he actually said something! There were soo many other signs..mine was one of two he pointed out! I COULDN'T FRIGGIN BELIEVE IT!! I'm still on this was awesome. I gave him a big thumbs up sign and he grinned and then he started dancing. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! SOOO after that, I was The Por Arriba dance contest soo fun! My side lost!! LOL!! He goes..*WELL, if we were having a contest I think the THIS side won!* ~pointing to the other side~ so my side started screaming at him and he was shrugging his shoulders and making a evil face at us (you know the face, the one like *WHAT DID I DO??*) was soo awesome!! He puts his arms in the air and is yelling *WHATTT??? WHATTT???? HUH?!* So he made us do it again! LOL and it was totally great! He is sooo great when he does that dance..omg..when were all dancing together and he was rubbing his stomach, (it goes..arms up, arms down, rub hands together, rub your chest/stomach/body) and OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG..when he was rubbing his chest..omg.... What else? OH, the Marcia Baila thing was great too..he was dressed up in a black suit and black hat... there were like 5 or 6 guys dressed like him and you couldn't figure out which one was him! And he's going along the conveyor belt..and he takes off his hat and fans himself with it and sorta blows with his bottom lip to his was soo sexy. OMG..I took a pic of that!! WEPA! AND of my favorite songs..Bombon de was awesome..he did the flying motion thing..and the up and down was totally awesome! AND THEN..the ending..he sang Maria, and everyone did the *UN DOS TRES!!* and he goes nuts, then after the song he's like BYE! SEEYA! And he runs and then the dancers and back up singers are still singing and everyone's still screaming. And then all of a sudden on the big screen you see Ricky, just going NUTS in the drum pit with the drummer, his shirt wide open and he's just freaking out. (LOL I had ONE pictures left..I thought to myself..if he takes that shirt off..THERE GOES THE LAST PICTURE!!! SWL! But he didn' It was awesome though. Then he does SAIEH for a encore, and hes on the couch, looking angelic in the white heavenly lights. He's barefoot and gorgeous. At the end he gets up and looks around into the crowd..and I cried...he was BEAUTIFUL. He looked like he was sent from God, no he looked LIKE GOD. It was awesome. He just leaves a fuzzy feeling inside you, its like no other. I just don't have any more words for was soo surreal. I couldn't believe I was there. Then he changed again..and sung Cup Of again..I got some confetti and streamers. Everyone's arms going back and forth for ALE ALE ALE, just looked so cool and I think he got a real kick out of it. He has THE BEST personality ever, he just aims to please everyone possible. He is awesome and I just want everyone to experience it for themselves. The white lights during She's All I Ever Had just make him look like a special little angel..and he is so wonderful I'm convinced he IS a SPECIAL ANGEL. All it was probably the best moment of my life so far. I couldn't freakin believe I was there. It was GREAT. He was crazy, so wonderful..the newspaper said it was his best Canadian show so far. They gave him 4.5 out of 5. It was was almost a religious experience for me..he was unbelievable. I LOVE YOU RICKY.... THEN..afterwards..I got the trumpeters autograph, Jose, he was SO nice..and sweet..he signed the poster! AND top it off..I saw Ricky going to his bus in a brown leather jacket and little black GLASSES!! I LOVE HIM! I LOVE YOU RICKY! THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS EXPERIENCE!!! ALL MY LOVE RICKY!!! HUGS EVERYONE, Meghan