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LDP Past Present and Future

Clockwise from top left: Gray, Skred, 9, Lev, Bad Doug.

Legion of Divine Punishment booking info, call: (901) 795-7867

The malignant musical force that exists today as Legion of Divine Punishment springs from a number of different points of origin. Gray Morgan (guitars) and Adam "Skred" Abel (drums, percussion) got their battle wounds first as Man's Son (along with Ryan Riley and Eric Brown, currently in Morpain). Later, they founded the first Legion of Divine Punishment as a four-piece, comprised of Ryan, Gray, Skred, and the bad mammajamma and good friend Jash Braddock. all the while playing shows all over Memphis and in various points beyond, the foursome put together the "No Flesh shall Be Spared" demo, which still sounds as fresh and powerful as ever. After relocating to Jacksonville, FL, however, the band met terrible adversity and irreconcilable differences eventually led to the demise of their musical union. The four returned, and went down seperate musical paths, while retaining their unbreakable friendship. Ryan hooked up with Morpain, and Jash took time out to travel, playing briefly with Cardiovascular Subhypothermia, and later joining the longstanding Memphis grind fiends Incineration. Gray and Skred sought to continue on as well making abrasive heavy metal music, but needed the right people to fill these big shoes. Their call was answered by two of the biggest lowlifes ever to molest a guitar or drool on a microphone, Lev Byron Hughes and Richie "9" Wood, ex-members of the crust/grunge/death outfit, GutterBitch. The final piece of the puzzle fell into place with the addition of "Bad" Doug Bry, an old-school metalhead with strong technique who had gigged around with some of Memphis' more notable hard music groups (Necropolis, Jehovah Barra). Legion of Divine Punishment, as it exists today, is an ensemble with limitless potential for wreaking sonic devastation. Holding fast to their METAL roots, and oblivious to the fads in 'heavy' music today, their goal: to continue to create original extreme metal anthems for years to come, and to party with everyone along the way. If success is met, it will be on their terms. Fuck Evander Holyfield, right in his chewed-up ear... this is as real as it gets.