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It's only forever, not long at all, lost and lonely, that's underground, underground....

...Be careful what you wish for, sometimes wishes come true...Labyrinth begins with a teenager named Sara. She is stuck in her childhood and refuses to let that security fade, along with the rest of her past. One night she is forced to baby-sit her crying baby brother, Toby. She wishes him away to the Goblin King, unbeknownst to her, her wish is coming true. As a storm arises, her baby brother's crying stops. She goes to check if he is okay, and he is gone. A white owl flies into the bedroom, and it materializes into the Goblin King. He then delivers her task, to make her way to the Goblin City, and retrieve Toby from the Goblin King, but this can only happen after she makes her way through the labyrinth. All within 13 hours. Will she make it? Wait and see...
This is Sir Didymus, a faithful companion picked up on Sara's journey through the Labyrinth.
These are the Fireys. They aren't exactly bad little creatures, they just want to pop off your head, that's all...They dont' hurt Sara, they just delay her journey a bit. The Fireys are my second favorite characters in the movie.
This is the worm! My favorite character! That's who you heard when you first came in! I love how he says 'ello! He is sooo cute, and to top it off he has an accent!!! *grins* Awww! how adorable is he?!
This is Hoggle. He helps Sara through the Labyrinth, and betrays his master, Jareth, the Goblin King. He's kinda odd looking, but easy to love! :)

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