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New Music Put here on 14 DEC 00 See The HSP CD page or San Quentin Pages for More songs
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Life is a long song, I really love this song it has everything bits similar (ripped off) low / arab strap / Kiss / the swirlies / and of course the worst drumming in the world. This song is about many people who did me wrong, rightly.
Bill Holiday to Me  Real Audio Download stream
This is a classic HSP song where as the others are rock songs this is a technology fest. With Billy Halliday samples and nice tabla drumming.
A Glimpse of ebaresment  Real Audio Download stream
This song starts of being a need to be neil young but ends up in a bit of a smiths /Red house painters type thing. I like it it's 8 minutes short.
Take it out on Me, Real Audio Download stream
A song that I tried to make happy But you guessed that it never really worked out that way I wrote this in Nov 2000 on my own. And it never did sound like Husker Du.
Trust   Real Audio Download stream
If life is a long song it don't get longer than 16 minutes of the original of this think gothic / think dirty 3, godspeed, self indulence, but I still like it. of course many won't,
then theres about 10 other impressive songs that I don't have here but one day you might be lucky enough to hear them,
of course this is my opinion and I'm sure there's many reasons why we will never never be lucky.
Older Songs - November 99 not on CD
Blood on the Tricky-Mp3

A song I wrote around a funny orchestral sample about Tricky picking up girls at the school gates. Of course what I mean to say is that it is a song about how I am jealous of Trickys ability to meet you's all. (Not on the CD.)

Chalie and Mark Staying in the bedsit and moving-Mp3

Moving to the music with looping banjo and strange ghostly piano although it's only an expression of despiar, So Pour a drink of water and toast the bitch. (not on The CD either)

study the facing / study the Archictecture and Leave.-MP3

Charlie's song about going somewhere like The queens house but less damp and gaudy
Sounds very JD, Or Early REM with a funny bridge that's very elating, watch your ears. (not on the CD either)

a tribute to elvis-Mp3

This is an accousitc song sung by Mark not the best song in the world but OK. I had thought about Elvis P.
he was an icon, like having a picture of jesus on your wall, All my friends parents had Elvis pictures in their rooms when I was younger. (Not on the CD either)

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