All of us running headless around, I didn't stop to look
at them,  nothing more than high speed pedestrians.

1. heard it all before
2. do you rem
3. Wheelchair
4. Sleepover
5. possibilities unrealised
6. Cherry Cherry Baby (Steven Jesse Bernstien)
7. Curtains Drawn Together
8. My Old School Friend
9. Overload
10. & I etc.
11 Heaven or LV

A enolium
B Levi Stubbs Tears (Billy Bragg)

Track Details :

1. heard it all before- Real Audio Stream

An old song that Ben Parker would like to take credit for the repition of the lyric " tonight is the greatest thing I've ever seen " I owe that one to him. Ok. It's a cheesy opener but I like it it reminds me of good times and has some nice scribbling noises just like on that eminem Stan record, theiving bastard. It's all Me.

2. do you rem - Real Audio Stream
Credit to the mysterious australian for this one where did the bridge come from anyway it's me and him and I like it a lot. maybe it sounds a little dated now but it's fucking old now. Classico misery. joy division - portishead style.
Do You Rem HERE IS THE MP3 version (on the UBL)

3. Wheelchair-Real Audio Stream
A song that involves wondering about wheelchairs, it's just me. The programming of the drums is a bit free but So fucking what. I wrote the song  at school.

4. Sleepover-Real Audio Stream - A song written with Charlie and is very funky/latin in a new order way, which is a word I don't always use.
There was an old Houdini song called sleeping over this song is not like that song at all. (thankfully)

5. possibilities unrealised - Real Audio Stream
 The other song written with the Australian, james, and yes is unlike anything I listen to but at the same time quite pleasently R & B. It's good for you

6. Cherry Cherry Baby (Steven Jesse Bernstien) - Real Audio Stream
A wierd one this, Steven Jesse Bernstien is mad this song proves it, a mad genious in the hunter s thompson gonzo style, he's also dead so he can't sue me. This is a fun one for the parties. (Steven's Lyrics are here)

7. Curtains Drawn Together-Real Audio Stream
This isn't very happy, and has a very angry autechre -esque sound, but with mumbling about loneliness, it's electro it's not very pop, but still unmissable.

8. My Old School Friend - Real Audio Download
A little ditty about school it's all over me . The friend in question is also unfortunately no longer a friend. (Lyrics)

9. Overload-Real Audio Stream
Another Charlie Partnership, and it's very REM - like with a very strange coda (endbit) which I could imagine Humphrey Bogart intoning the world's troubles over and over.

10. & I etc.-Real Audio Stream
A song with Som, a french-american lady from LA, very odd one this only 2 chords and a few cut up bits and some buzzsaw keyboards, I wish I was still in touch, but she was very scary.

11 Heaven or LV-Real Audio Stream
And the other one that Som and I wrote, yes I'm pleased with the song but the delivery is rubbish, but That end bit with the classic indie bass line, Melts me every time. And Listen to the lyrics and work out the connection?
well every line is an album title. Sad aren't we.

Songs not supposed to be on the release but are because I like them.



A taken to enolium-Real Audio Stream
A taken to enolium -MP3

An odd song that cues up That Eno fellow, how I envy his premature baldness, that credibility is hard to find, like follicles upon his national dome.

B Levi Stubbs Tears (Billy Bragg)-Real Audio Stream
Yep its The end and I'm finishing with a single B-side that I played all at once, and does some sort of justice to that great song. I wish.

The CD is orderable from Me! for the cost of 5 pounds including postage to anywhere in the world.
It's worth a listen, maybe 2 listens. You know Stewart? of 555 records fame (and Boyracer) well I guess a lot of my stuff is similar to his but I think mine is better, well I hope it is.

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