So Fella's And I know you are fella's cos girls don't like toys, that don't buzz like boys.

Here are Mine In no particular order:
I have a Guitar I have a Valve guitar amplifier
Is that a byrd is it a 'trane, no it's thurston moore playing in early REM, well in my head.

I have a Sampler 
And lots of samples of people screaming, noises in the night, mellotrons etc.
I have a Keyboard
And other home made trick nosie makers
I have a hard disk recorder
I have an Overdraft
I have a Drumkit, Arbiter / Slingerland Snare / Zildian cymbals / paiste 602 ride
Why do I hit a 30 year old drumkit so hard It makes me sad, I think I am angry.
So Art Blakey / Jimmy Chamberlin / Steve Shelley
I have a banjo (Kay)
I have a strange fascination with sailing down the missisipi, with the yokels. you got a purdy smile.
I have a bass guitar (Encore) It works don't it?
I like Peter Hook/ Kim Gordon, thats all the bass playing I can stand.Oh and the mingus and squarepusher.
I have a mandolin (made in Roumania somewhere)
I have a Bahaltmous (mini buzouki) (made in Athens somewhere a gift from a close friend)
Rembetika Is the real deal on blues.
I can play them all like a jazz legend.
I play all of it like John Coltrane would, play the banjo (even the drums).

If you want any advice on any of these eg. playing, buying, tuning, selling then mail me

I also have the usual ancillary. Equipment.

politics is boring, so what.