Iíve been around, Iíve gambled away the money for my sonís operation.
I heard those spoken words of some kind of angel.

As she disowned the washing and the ironing, what happens when the citizens sleep.
Taken a taxi ride in a strange city you donít want to know it lets you be apalled

Let you feel it feel their disgust force me to go  I hold my own
Iíve never been in love no it ainít no drama, I bite my eye lashes

All the lights dim on the sidewalk.  Thereís a storm a brewing
Out here we wait for the news with grapes in hand.

Force me to go I hold my own Iíve never been in love no it ainít no drama
This salty tear to bury my face in the pillow, eyes that are washed clean.
We ought to see the ecstasy used to be just a word, now I examine myself
For questions for alibis I allowed myself to be a parody

All the lights dim on the sidewalk.  They say Thereís a storm a brewing *2
Where is the voice of the enigma of desire
Where they are the enigma of desire
A picture of art school. our picture of narcissus,  a better wish
Now you sit down itís quieter there, I can get some peace with the quilted walls
C em
Let lies you,
The enigma of desire between the irony, the voice of lenny hutch.

Almost worthless, Almost Beautiful  the daylight,  the natural  (make your eyes shine?)
Light in the night sky
Sequinned like elvis beams down on us from heartbroken caberet.
Our cellphone perversion.

Weíre all ghosts I suppose goodbye, It has finished the fair phantom of the city a mixture of a
Moan, I allowed myself to be almost a substitute they twinkle for us.

A picture or narcissus a thought a wish, just fallen apart and split at the seams
No more buzzing dreams, all rise for all you know senility meeting the bigots they made good progress on

us. The lights dim on the sidewalk they say thereís a storm was brewning
oh you
straight to chorus

This worthless almost beautiful the daylight
 a natural lie The night sky
sequinned like elvis on us from his heartbroken caberet
repeat first 2 bars
cellphone perversions
Hung up to the face as she goes on
Weíre all ghosts I suppose, he holds arms
Weíre all ghosts I suppose *2
now examine my self for questions for the alibis
Weíre all ghosts I suppose
Weíre all ghosts fair phantoms of the city goodbye
Weíre all ghosts
Fair Phantoms of the city goodbye I just  have nurses
At home thereís no bruise as it used to be