The first High speed Pedestrians EP will have four songs each with a different travelling theme.
One with A car engine noise generating the harmonic content, the rumble of the wheels or windscreen wipers as the rythmic element and the dialogue of the passengers as the melodic part maybe cars passing by or snatches of radio music and shouts from passers by.
It could be the tale of a family coming home from holiday discussing the memories that they had and other nieve niceities. Then there is the tension that the kids are feeling sick and need to get to a toilets but they end up throwning up in the lay by at the end and the song fades out with the vomiting and crying,
The listener doesnít know if the car has stopped or whether the kid has been sick in the car,
All they hear is ďno no noĒ

Two is the train journey similar sort of feel more up beat and less droning than the car one obviously in 6/8 time and maybe a strange replication of the blues,
Depcits train travel as elitist business men talking on mobile phones, discussing business deals etc.
The tension of the song resolves around the need to be at an important meeting that could make or break the mans career, he thinks his wife is having an affair and she doesnít want kids because her career is important. He tries to make the appointment but the train is delayed and he ends up shouting at the inspector
 before getting off the train and walking down the tracks having given up.
The listener is not sure what he is doing.

Three the Air travel Whoossing jet noises take off and landing the rumbling of the engines, the talking of the air hostess. The excited chatter of a young couple who are keen to join the mile high club and their excited coupling in the toilet which is rudely interupted by the pilot saying there is an emergency landing. They go back to their seats and talk about possibly the last moments of their lives , there doesnít seem to be any connection between anyone on the plane, no one shares their fears until a priest stands up and says a few words .  The result of the flight remains unresolved at the end of the song.

Track Four
The Noise of the sea lapping rythmically against the ship, the rumble of the ships engines and the
Calling of the birds and the sea breeze
The noise of the anchor being hauled up.
The Classic tale of An Old Man whoís wife has died just before they were due to go on the holiday of a lifetime. The old man decides to still go, and he goes on his own. He is hopeful that he might be able to cheer himself up by talking to other single people and meet another life companion.
The narrative then swaps to another Lady who is of similar age and circumstance.
They sit at the same table for their first meal aboard and they talk about where the live and the war,
They then go and listen too some cabaret later in the evening. They Have A few drinks before leaving.
Sometimes they talk sometimes there is moments when there is only the sound of the ships motion

Later they go out side and talk on deck, they are alone there. it is noticeably windy and cold, but the warmth and joy in each others company sparkles though.
He Starts to talk about his beloved wife who he share his whole life with his voice rises and falls with
passion and she listens and understands he eventually stops talking because his voice is choked with sobbing.She puts her arm round hime and you can hear their footsteps shuffle to her room.
You hear the sound of the key in the lock. And the door opens,
They are silent as the sit on the bed then she says you must be cold here let me help feel better and she kisses him on the lips and then kisses away his tears from his cheeks,  she undresses him and the old mans expectation is not hidden by his clothes no more. And so You hear the rytWhmn of the ship and the sound of the woman carefully trying to make love to the old man in the single bed of their economy cabin.
You never know whether the old man comes or cries,
The song fades out on the creaking.

Ok Thatís The plan I need to work out what sounds I will have as part of the rythmn and how the music will rise and fall in time with the action and dialogue, I think the obsession with loveless sex and sex with love has to be underlined more.
Also the Dialogue and the details of the action has to be worked out. I donít want to have any naration, but the action of the events has to be obvious from the dialogue and sounds.
There will be memorable melodic and harmonic and ryhtmic content in their, in some ways these stories will be songs but wonít be played with conventional instruments.
Maybe I will need a lot of recording of sound effects and dialogue etc.

Maybe Iíll use the guitars and instruments to play the incidental music which could be playing in the background to the conversations and inbetween the pieces to link them together.
Ther also needs to be a good way of  starting the action and resolving the action but not having a straight plot per se. Just like reading 5 pages of a book which seems like something is impending maybe disaster, maybe good fortune, but itís up to the listener to place his mood onto the music.