Using CyanoAcrylate (Super Glue) in your Harmonica

Written by G. © November 2003


I was warned that off the shelf super glue contains "cyanide", is toxic to the body and papers had been written on the subject and published in dental journals around 2000. Up to this point I have used different super glues for my personal instruments and experimentation only, not for my customers. But it was concerning for me to hear this so I went about finding journal papers on super glues or ethyl cyanoacrylate. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about its dangers. However none of these claims are properly substantiated.

I found a Dental Journal article that reported on testing the toxicity of a range of ethyl cyanoacrylate products on human tissue immersed in liquid - the reason for the test being because of the use of common CAs by denture wearers when they broke rather than taking them back to the dentist for repair or replacement.

Some points of note:

Every single thing in the world is poisonous to us ... with enough quantity, enough exposure, over enough time. Just trying to put it in perspective.


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