*1996 - born in the basement of a 100 year old house...New Brunswick, NJ

*1997 - Open for Kid Rock, Everlast, Chevelle, 2 Skinne J's and many more

*1998 - Continue to play with acts like Orange 9 mm, The Urge, Static X

*1999 - Vans Warped Tour, Eminem, Blink 182, Record "callitstylin"

*2000 - Continue to play out, Philadelphia, New York City...

*2001 - Sign contract with MTV for the right to our songs for the shows "Road Rules Real World Challenge" and "Road Rules"

*2002 - Play everywhere in the tri-state area

*2003 - 1st gig with new line up win Battle of the Bands - Kat Man Du, Trenton

*2005 - Continue to play at Continental, CBGB's & CB's Lounge, New York City

*2005 - Recording new cd on pro tools. It will blow your mind! out Fall '05

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