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The End: Everything you have ever wanted to know about a verbal fireworks display. the quotable moments from the death of an iconic band. 6.18.02

"I think the glen guestbook has turned into one big soap opera..." -jilly

"Jill, did you realize you are the cause of all this?... You are the cause. You are the Yoko Ono of Glen." -Soap Opera Master

"I did nothing to 'destroy glen.' If it was anybody it would be you." -Jill

And so the bashing began.

"Don't worry, Drew always has a stick up his butt about something." -anonymous

"Kyle has turned ugly on the inside." -get the facts straight

"Jill... that was really harsh." -Drew

"It's not a stick up my butt. It's a badger!" -Drew

"So because you're in love you forsake all that has come before?" -anonynomy

"People have neglected me.. I have always been there... put up with people's shite, been there for the band... ok? now... DAMNIT!" -Kyle

"It will all work out in the end." -Ashley

"Glen is off for now. you are much more important than stupid punk songs with the same chord progressions anyway." -Drew

Glen is a dead fish.

"Kyle, you are too big of a man to be acting so small." -anonymous I think i t was just too many bowls of cocoa wheat and not enough focus on the music...thank you... jerry wanker