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Faith No More Trade Welcome to the Faith No More trade section of this site. Here you can email me if you would like to trade any Faith No More related recordings with my stuff. I can produce CD copies of anything listed here, in exchange for similar or same.


1. The Real Thing (1989) CD
2. Live at the Brixton Academy (1991) CD
3. Angel Dust (1992) CD (first pressing without Easy)
4. Angel Dust (1992) 2CD with bonus Australian release Free Concert in the Park
5. Songs to Make Love To (1993) CD Maxi-Single
6. King For A Day... Fool For a Lifetime (1995) CD
7. Album of the Year (1997) CD
8. Who Cares A Lot? (1998) 2CD with bonus 8 track second CD


1. Epic (from The Real Thing) (1989) Aust. Cassingle
2. Evidence (from King For a Day) (1995) Aust. CD single
3. Ashes to Ashes (from Album of the Year) (1997) Aust. CD single
4. Last Cup of Sorrow (from Album of the Year) (1997) Aust. CD single
5. I Started A Joke (from Who Cares A Lot?) (1998) Aust. CD single
6. Ricochet (from King For a Day) (1995) Aust. Cassette single


1. Promo 6 track B-Sides CD available with first copies of Australian King For A Day releases
2. Judgment Night Soundtrack (featuring Another Body Murdered performed with BooYahTribe
3. Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Soundtrack (featuring The Perfect Crime)
4. Triple J's Live at the Wireless featuring live performance of Midlife Crisis
5. Melvins: Crybaby featuring Mike Patton on the track "GI JOE"


1. Evidence (17 track live CD recorded in various locations)
2. Ferocious Neurosis (18 track live CD recorded in Oslo, Norway, 1995)
3. Kindergarten (18 track live CD recorded in 1992)


1. You Fat Bastards - Live at Brixton (1991) VHS
2. Video Crossaint (1992) VHS


1. Mr Bungle: Disco Volante (1995) CD
2. Mr Bungle: California (1999) CD
3. Fantomas (1999) CD


1. Last Cup Of Sorrow (Rammstein Mix)
2. The Waste (Sepultura featuring Mike Patton)
3. Insect Horrorscope (rare Mr Bungle track)
4. Four Mike Patton tracks from Adult Themes for Voice
5. Mike Patton prank call
6. The Big Kahuna (B-Side from Album of the Year)