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Well, exactly what am i going to review? i will review a few things, mainly albums. if people can send me there own interpretations of any Faith No More live show it would be appreciated, and also documented here. Cheers, cobber.


Andy wallace (nirvana, slayer, silverchair) mixed this record, and you can tell. The album opens with Get Out, a very Pattonish song which illustrates how to expect the rest of the album, i.e: have no expectations. Ricochet follows after that, totally grouse. Evidence is track three, which comes across as lounge music, and following this is the raw once again Pattonish Gentle Art of Making Enemies. The rest of the album drenches the senses with excellent song writing and a genre as diverse as anything they have ever done. King For a Day haunts you, the choir backed Just A Man, the countryish Take This Bottle, and the heavy Ugly in the Morning all contribute to an album which can be played over and over again without getting sick of it. Be warned, it grows on you.


An excellent compilation of videos and other shit that was released just after Angel Dust. Contains videos for everything up until then, as well as some backstage footage, Roddy Bottum's grouse gerbil story, Jim Martin's impression of a crash test dummy, and Mike Patton following a woman around with a camera until she gets pissed off and hits him. Also contains MTV footage of Caffeine live. See it.


Compare this to their previous release, The Real Thing, and you'll understand what I mean. Mike Patton obviously was ill at the idea of being a rock star, so cutting off his hair and changing his singing style dramatically was a successful cure. Look at some of the lyrics on The Real Thing, which teeter on obvious subjects as relationships and immature ramblings (Underwater Love, Falling to Pieces), and then look at these caffeine induced lyrics on Angel Dust. Some weird shit there. The lyrics on this album don't make sense, which is what makes it such a great and diverse album. Listen to Malpractice. Mike rants about how a woman enjoys having a surgeon sort through her organs while she is cut open. hmmm. Land of Sunshine is a song derived from fortune cookies. Be Aggressive, which incidently was written by Roddy Bottum, is all about sucking dick. Mike sings it, that is humorous. All i can say is, locate a copy of the album and have a listen. Jim Martin hated Angel Dust, and I can see why. It's too experimental and unsafe.