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Special Awards

(in the 2001-2002 Dance Season)

*Dance Odyssey*

Highest Overall Marks

Novice Anna-Maria Guida
Junior Sofia Lacivita
Junior Duo/Trio Sofia Lacivita, Marla Greenbaum, Marlena Mondino
Junior Small Group "Oye"
Junior Ballet Sofia Lacivita
Junior Musical Theatre Sofia Lacivita


Solo Performance Scholarships

Mini Brittany Marinelli (1st)
Petite Amanda Zuliani (2nd)
Junior Sofia Lacivita (1st)
Marla Greenbaum (3rd)
Teen Melissa Mitro (2nd)
Silvia Lacivita (3rd)
Senior Stephanie Mitro (1st)


Hollywood Vibe Award / Most Promising Dancer

Sofia Lacivita

*Dance, Dance, Dance*

Highest Overall Marks

Novice Anna-Maria Guida (2nd)
8&Under Lori Ossip (3rd)
9-10 Amanda Zuliani (4th)
11-12 Sofia Lacivita (3rd)
Julie Title (4th)
13-15 Melissa Mitro (4th)
16 & Over Anna Lacivita (5th)
Stephanie Mitro (6th)
Group/8 & Under "Wash That Man" (1st)
"Higher" (3rd)
Duet/Trio Brittany Marinelli, Anna-Maria Guida, Amanda Zuliani (2nd)
Group/9-10 "Land Of 1000 Dances" (1st)
"Oye" (3rd)
Duet/Trio/9-10 Amanda Zuliani, Sarah Mak, Sarah Murray (3rd)
Group/11-12 "In The Basement" (2nd)
"If You Can Can" (3rd)
"Workin' Day And Night" (5th)
Group/13-15 "You Ain't Right (1st)
"Son Of A Gun (2nd)
"Natural Women (3rd)
Duet/Trio/13-15 Melissa Mitro, Silvia Lacivita (3rd)
Duet/Trio/16 & Over Stephanie Mitro, Anna Lacivita (1st)
TITLE DANCER/JUNIOR Sofia Lacivita (4th)
TITLE DANCER/SENIOR  Melissa Mitro (3rd)
Best Choreography/Junior "Workin' Day And Night"
Best Choreography/Senior "You Ain't Right"
HIGH SCORE CHAMPIONS Melissa Mitro, Stephanie Mitro, Silvia Lacivita, Anna Lacivita "You Ain't Right


Solo Champion/Novice  Anna-Maria Guida (1st)
Solo Champion/Junior Sofia Lacivita (1st)
Group Champion/Junior "Workin' Day And Night" (1st)
"In The Basement" (2nd)
"We're Gonna Party" (3rd)
Duet/Trio Champion/Junior Marla Greenbaum, Sofia Lacivita, Marlena Mondion (2nd)
Solo Champion/Senior Melissa Mitro (2nd)
Group Champion/Senior "Son Of A Gun" (1st)
"You Ain't Right" (2nd)
"Natural Woman" (3rd)
Duet/Trio Champion/Senior Melissa Mitro, Silvia Lacivita (2nd)
Stephanie Mitro, Anna Lacivita (3rd)
TRIPLE "D" AWARD Melissa Mitro
Best Choreography "Workin' Day And Night"

*North American Dance Experience*

Miss Teen Title - Melissa Mitro

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