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I do not advocate any sort of revolution by violent means. Rather, I believe in what the Catholic Worker movement calls "a revolution of one," i.e. a revolution that is brought about one person at a time. Lasting change cannot be brought about by violent means because it does not ensure that every individual will believe in the revolutionary ideals. Force-feeding beliefs is not effective in changing society as a whole, nor is broad-casting ideologies to the masses. While violent revolutions may appear to effect drastic change, their accomplishments are superficial. Real revolution is only brought about on the individual level. Lasting change occurs only within the mind, heart, and soul of the individual. This kind of change is not as visible as that made by government policy-makers or violent revolutionaries, but it is far more genuine because it lives in the heart of the individual. This is change that can last for generations. This is real revolution.

One might ask how such a "revolution of the heart" might be implemented. The answer is simple. Every individual must constantly examine and evaluate his or her conscience and question whether he/she is doing what is true and just. Revolution starts with each and every one of us. We have a duty to God and to humanity to constantly educate, evaluate, and better ourselves. Love and self-sacrifice are the most powerful tools in achieving revolution; a self-centered society is doomed to suffer from the woes of injustice and oppression. Sacrifice and love are the best ways of educating others and driving real revolution. The knowledge that comes from this kind of education incites the will of the individual to strive for change. In addition, a true revolutionary must be a positive example for those around him or her. The best way to lead is to lead by example. We must constantly ask ourselves whether the world would be a better place if everyone lived their lives like us. We must build a society of leaders.

You might think that such revolution can never occur and that it is unrealistic to aim for such change. If you think so, you are wrong. Such revolution is already occurring. It is always occurring around those who put others before themselves, and who lay their lives on the line for the love of God and neighbor.

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