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Coldplay - Calgary, May 21, 2003

WOW! Pretty much the only word that can describe this concert: Coldplay slayed them! They made a big challenge for themselves by having the Music as opening act, but they made the most of it and gave about 10,000 fans a tremendous concert showcasing two of the best live British acts working today. The Music's set was LOUD like a bomb, amazing how only four guys can make so much noise. A particular highlight was a tremendous blast of low feedback guitarist Adam Nutter created that made the entire arena (not to mention everyone's chest cavity) rumble.
As for the boys? They were just amazing. Only the second show of their North American tour, but they gelled together very well. Drummer Will Champion was apparently playing with a broken wrist, but you'd never have known if Chris hadn't acknowledged it. They opened with "Politik" and some bright strobes. The exact setlist escapes me, and the songs I can remember are the ones they DIDN'T play: Trouble", Shiver" or "Warning Sign". Strange they omitted one of their biggest hits, but they made up for it with spirited versions of Yellow" (featuring yellow lights, of course), "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face", "The Scientist" (lighters aflame) and "Amsterdam" (simply shimmering, heart-stopping). "Everything's Not Lost" was perhaps the highlight, Chris leading a huge sing-along and even trying a few lines of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On", dissolving in laughter. Jonny played the harmonica solo in "Don't Panic" and threw the harmonica into the audience. They played two of their B-sides: "One I Want" and "Crests of Waves" which only a few people recognized, but nevertheless greeted warmly, high-octane versions. The new album's title track was just amazing in my opinion, the chorus wasn't as dynamic as I was hoping, but who cares? They played it with a passion all too rare in many artists today. And the encore? Simply flawless: "Clocks" was played with the green lazer beaming, and the audience drowned Chris out during "In My Place". Everybody was standing and singing through the songs. The band even pulled the cliched band hug and bow after the show, but somehow it just seemed so cool. They deserved the raucous applause they receive and seemed to lap up.
After the show my friends and I went to the area where their buses were (along with about 50 others) and to our tremendous pleasure Chris came to sign some autographs! I was most lucky to get "Blood" booklet signed, he was all smiles and good spirits. What a guy, no BS around him. That's the kind of rock star that people can admire.
The band was solid. Guy especially looked cool, solid as a rock, just playing his lines, obviously enjoying himself: Will and Jonny took their turns singing harmonies with Chris and played their drums and guitar with sublime grace; and Chris was in his zone, running around, dancing, pumping his fists and grinning from ear to ear. The audience loved every second and it was truly a wonderful concert experience.
Here's hoping they come back: any band with that solid of a setlist on their sophomore album can only go up from here.

As you can all tell, I have no setlist or pictures of the show, so, my army of readers, I urge anyone who was there or has either one of these to E-mail them to me! My search for either was fruitless, I'd appreciate any help people can offer to make this a better and more fun page on my otherwise excellent (haha) page.