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Beyonce's Bio

Beyonce, the lead vocalist in the group Destiny's Child has the talent to go along with all that beauty. Sometimes she comes off as being the serious one, or the mother of this multi-talented quartet.

Standing at 5'6 and a half, give or take a few inches (LOL), this 18 year old bombshell has a smile that could light up anyone's day. She admits that she won't dance at any clubs, and that she's allergic to perfume, so she wears different oils. She notes that her favorite rapper is Wyclef Jean, her favorite singer is Stevie Wonder. She also says that her favorite song of all time is "Moments Of Love". Her favorite book is "Soul Food". This September born baby girl has got to be one of the sweetest people on Earth.

Sources: My input and Jon Blaze DC

Photos Of Beyonce

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