nuclear pig shit farm noise (c60 from hospital productions)
on monday when i came home i was greeted by two things: cat diarrhea all over the floor and a package from hospital productions. and i'm not joking, this is just one of those horrible coincidences, and i really could've done without it. anyway, as i was cleaning up my pet's, uh, debris, i put on
farm noise by nuclear pig shit, and it really fit my mood. the entire album has a very acoustic sound, lots of untreated metal abuse, friction and crickets, stuff like that. some parts are structured and rhythmic, with random crazy bursts that sound like a six year old farm kid decided to start a 'rock band' at their parent's farm by beating up all the machinery with a lead pipe in a.d.d. inspired frenzies. tracks start and stop very abruptly, one second its going and the next it isn't. a few times the next seems to pick up at almost the point where the previous left off. my main  gripe with this album though is i wish the live noise had been recorded more clearly, although  I certainly know the pain of recording with crappy mics and stuff [which is why all my field recordings are buried in effects]. ah well. anyway, an interesting and jarring release.