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Courtney Love was born at 9:15, at St. Francis Memorial Hospital. Mother, Linda Risi gave birth to a daughter whos birth certificate read, Love Michelle Harrison. Hank didn't attend the birth. Linda was 20, loved & adored her daughter helplessly. Linda & Hank's relationship didn't last long, they divorces in 1970, both sued for the custody of Love Michelle. Linda won the case and re-named her 5 year old daughter to Courtney Michelle Harrison, since there was no longer love between Hank and Linda. As soon as Linda married Frank Rodriguez, Courtney began calling him "Daddy" and Hank became "Bio-Dad". Courtney felt that Frank spoke like a real adult talking to a real child. The Rodriguez family re-located to Eugene, Oregon, there Frank and Carol had 2 daughters, Jaimee and Nicole. Linda and Frank started having problems, they both started seeing other people, and soon the marriage split up. Carol's new love was David Menely, she brought him home married him, and asked for him to adopt her daughters, now Courtney was, Courtney Michelle, Harrison, Rodriguez, Menely. In 1973, the Menely family moved from Eugene to a nearby community named, Marcola. Courtney was called "Pee Girl" because noone ever took the time out to wash her clothes, she performed poorly in school, but she was obviously intelligent. When Courtney was 8, Linda and David decided to move to New Zealand.
In 1981, Courtney began hanging out with different people. Courtney's best friends were Ursula Wehr and Robin Barbur, who were major figures in the Portland punk scene, ca. 81'. The three of them decided to start a band, Sugar Babylon. Then "Rodger" showed up and turned things around for Courtney. He offered her to pay the fare to go to Japan, and put her up once she got there. Since, Courtney already knew how to strip she jumped at the chance, and soon she was on a plain to Japan. She received $2,500, a week. Courtney wasn't reading to sell herself to some Japanese man, and since her passport was confiscated, she turned herself into the U.S Embassy. After returning to Portland, she bought a SID LIVES button, shaved her head, and bought a guitar. (ca. 82-83) Courtney tried to revive Sugar Babylon, with Robin and a new bass player, Chrissie, and a drummer, Paul Edward. "We got nervous about spilling things around it. We didn't know what we were doing. We never played out." Julian Cope, of The Teardrop Explodes was a huge influence to Courtney. "Both of them were in love with Julian, but they settled for consummating it with each other as Joy Division's "Isolation" played in the background. "After we'd done it," Courtney later told Melody Maker, "I went across the road for cigarettes and I had all this blood and fluid running down my legs".
In June 1985, Courtney Love, Kat Bjelland, and Jennifer Finch formed Sugar Baby Doll. Courtney till this day still performs one of Sugar Baby Doll's song, "Best Sunday Dress". Soon Kat and Courtney shared several differences, and the band started to fall apart, after a practice session, right after the 3rd gig, Kat kicked Courtney out of her own band. She moved to Los Angeles and in 1989 she placed an ad in the Recycler (a musicians magazine) reading "I want to start a band. My influences are Big Black, Sonic Youth, and Fleetwood Mac." Eric Erlandson replied to the ad, a 27 year-old clerk at Capitol Records. Courtney was on vocals, Lisa was on bass, and Eric was thinking " Wow, this is interesting! . Lisa was later kicked out for being to deathrocky. At last they found bassist Jill Emery and drummer Caroline Rue, both which remained in the band for the 2 following years. Courtney wanted her bands name to be "Sweet Baby Crystal Powdered By God" but she got over it and named it Hole.
She began flirting with Falling James Moreland who was from a band named Leaving Trains. James dared Courtney marry him, they later married in Vegas, and got really drunk. Courtney didn't take the marriage seriously. James however did take the marriage seriously and screamed to her saying, " I am your husband ", the Superior Court of California made the marriage annulled. The legal effect of the court order was to pretend nothing ever happened. In 1991, Courtney re-met Kurt, her future husband. They became very interested in each other, and decided to get married. On February 24, 1992, Kurt and Courtney were married in Waikiki, HI. Frances Bean Cobain was born at 7:48 A.M on August 18,1994. She weighed seven pounds, one ounce. Kurt Donald Cobain committed suicide on April 5,1994 and the body was found on April 8,1994 of a gunshot to the head. His body was found in their Seattle home, inside the green house. Courtney became a single mother. Days later Hole released their second album, titles, Live Through This. She changed her look in 96', after releasing The People Vs. Larry Flynt, her main role which was being Althea, Larry's wife. She is a super rock star,a wonderful mother to Frances (in my opinion) and a wonderful person/actress. She has gone through hell and back, and that is why I admire her deeply.