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Columbia Phonograph Repairs
and Restorations Service

Cylinder Players



B Eagle


Columbia Phonographs
Disc Players






We have over 12 years of experience repairing and restoring all makes and models of Columbia phonographs. Our shop is one of the leading repairs, parts, and sales facilities in the nation. We're open 10 hours a day, 9AM until 7PM Monday through Friday, in order to help you with your Columbia phonograph needs.

If you need a repair, send all broken motors, parts, tonearms and/or reproducers to us. Pack everything carefully, we will send a complete free estimate before any work is performed. Upon your approval, the work will be completed and sent back to you via UPS or Postal Service. We offer quick, friendly service at reasonable prices.

We also repair and service all other styles of crank phonographs. If you're unsure of the model of your phonograph, feel free to contact us with a full description of your machine and we can help identify it.
Please check our main webpage below to see more information about our company or about the services and accessories we offer.

VRS main webpage

Victrola Repair Service
206 Cliff St.
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

Phone: 800-239-4188
9AM until 7PM ET Mon-Fri

Email: victrola@together.net

Fax: 419-818-5018

Our friendly staff is looking forward to assisting you with any Columbia repairs or parts that you may need.

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