companys will pay you to have addvertisements displayed to you, here are some sites that will send you money for doing so, i got 40$ from all advantage for just working on pages and doing what i like to do.
Cashwars - i play this game every day, it is soo adictive... you search for oil to use to buy stuff and you use the stuff to help you.. like you can buy weapons so you can steal peoples money... and this is real money too, they give you like 5.00 to start with.. so you cant lose money by playing it.

Download ePilot
this is way better than search cactus if you dont mind typing a random word and pushing enter over and over you can make the most money with this.. you can make over $6.00 and hour if i do it fast... but even if you dont want to do that you can just use it as your search engine whenever you search and it will start to add up anyway... you get $5.00 just for joining

I really like utopiad.. it has a smaller banner.. u arent paid as much.. but you can easily get a cheat and have like 10 of them open at a time... then you are making more then the other companys... not that im saying you should cheat, haha

All Advantage - all advantage is the original pay to surf site - Paying you to Surf!
this is a new company so if you sign up now an get some referals then when the view bar comes out youll get big money.

Search Cactus - to get money from this site you can just search for sites, if you click 20 links with an eye beside it every day youll get money

Make cash on the Net - Spedia pays more than all advantage, but i like all advantage better because it is easy to get the money, but whatever.

Be Paid - bepaid has a controler that sends you adds that are 600x800 so you get more money for viewing them.. but i have been useing it and ive only gotten 3 adds so im not makeing much money.. but later on the company might get big and you might get adds all the time... if so then you will be make 10+ dollars an hour or so

those arent the only companys i have signed up for, but i like them the best, so ill only post the good ones, haha.