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into the millenium

with the backstreet boys

~welcome to my awesome backstreet boys website, that has everything a fan wants and more!~

May 1, 2000

Welcome to Into The Millenium With The Backstreet Boys! Hi Everyone, I'm Katie and I Absolutely Love The Backstreet Boys; This site is dedicated to Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson! My site has a lot to offer, so take a look around and enjoy your stay here! Please sign my guestbook; Thanks a lot :o)!


Please vote for the Backstreet Boys in the 5 categories that they are nominated in : Album of the Year, Best Musical Group, Best Boyband, Best Love Song, & Best SOng of the Year! They are winning in 3 categories, but are falling behind by only a little bit in 2 categories to NSTINK, so let's make them win all 5, which is what they deserve! PLEASE VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES & THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Latest News: News Section (full of articles, facts, and pictures)bringing you up-to-date every single day with the Backstreet Boys

Articles Archive: Section full of Backstreet Boys articles, containing news from the past and present!

How BSB Began...: Tells where BSB was before their big break and how they made it to where they are today-ON TOP!

Biographies: From their birthday to their favorite food...Everything you need to know and more about each individual BSBer!

Things you never knew about BSB... A list of interesting facts about the group and the individuals that you never knew was true!

Quotes: That's what they said...Lots of Cool Quotes & Phrases that the Backstreet Boys really said!

Love Life: Yes, it's true! The Backstreet Boys have love lives! Wanna find out about who's heart is taken? Come here and you'll get the latest dish on the BSB in love!

True BSB Experiences: Real Life Stories about people who have been in the prescence of the Beautiful Backstreet Boys!

Group Pictures: So many pictures, so little time...Lots of Hot Pictures of the Backstreet Boys together!

Individual Pictures: Lots of Great Photos of your fave Backstreet Babe, whether it's Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie, or Kevin!

The Backstreet Boys and their Tattoos: Wanna find out about their tattoos? Come here and you can find out the meaning and location of the tattoo!

Hilarious Pictures: These are the photos that make you laugh your head off and make you hafta pee your pants! I found most of the Pictures along with the captions on Humor Sites! The Backstreet Boys are not perfect(close to it!); These Pictures are living proof, that they too have their funny moments!

BSB Bare it All: On Rolling Stone's January Issue, Backstreet Boys were wearing suits, but only the top part! Here are the best pix ever!

Video Pictures: One of a kind Pictures from their latest videos, including I Want It That Way, Larger Than Life, and Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely!

A Naked Picture of BSB: Yes, I do have a picture showing the Backstreet Boys naked & Yes, by clicking here you have access to it..So what are ya waiting for? Click!

Soundwaves: Wanna hear exclusive soundclips from Concerts and Peformances? I've got some great waves of awesome quotes, songs, and special speeches!

Backstreet Boys Grammy Central: Featuring lots of pictures, information, and soundclips that pertain to the The 42nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Backstreet TV: Here, I have almost every TV appearance that will feature the Backstreet Boys! If you want to tape everything BSB-related, check out my updated schedule!

Videos and Performances: If you would like to watch the Backstreet Boys' videos or performances, click here which will connect you to MTV's Backstreet Boys Index with lots of neat stuff!*You'll need Real Player*

Millenium TV: Real Player shows from The Official Site! that change each week! Includes many good episodes of the Backstreet Boys whether they're performing, playing golf, or at a photo shoot!

Wanna Marry Nick Carter? Sure you do! Yes, girls, every single one of you may marry Nick Carter, the man of your dreams, but don't get any ideas, cause he's all mine, baby!

Brian and Kevin Engagement Survey: Lemme know what you think and feel about Kevin and Kristin, as well as Brian and Leighanne!

The Dating Game: If you wanna see which Backstreet Babe is most compatible with you, click here and you will take a quick quiz leading you to The One!

Greeting Cards: To send a personalized Backstreet Boys Greeting Card to one of your friends or relatives, click here! You can send a special message and customize your whole greeting card!

Polls: Vote in my special polls about the Backstreet Boys! You can request your favorite or post your opinion about anything concerning BSB! So far, I have 9 and counting!

Chatroom: Would you like to talk to other Backstreet Boys Fans, well here's your chance! Click here and you will be sent to a special chat for BSB Lovers!

Total Request Live!: Vote for the Backstreet Boys every day from 3:00 till 3:30 so, our Boys will be #1! And hey, you might even get to see your comment and name on the popular MTV Show!

The Backstreet Boys' New Single, "The One", chosen by their loyal fans, will be premiered on TRL on Monday, May 1, 2000 and all I know about the upcoming video is they are considering a country western theme. Hopefully, the Boys will be successful with "The One" and it will be number one! So be ready to vote for our boys so they can take over their deserved number one spot!

The Ultimate BSB FANatic's Quiz: Part I
The Ultimate BSB FANatic's Quiz: Part II
So you think you know everything about the Backstreet Boys, guess again! Take my BSB FANatic Quizzes and you can test your Backstreet knowledge! You got what it takes to call yourself a true fan? Take it and see how you do on the Backstreet Scale!

BSB Discography By CDnow To buy, read a review, and/or listen to all of the Backstreet Boys' CD's, Singles, Videos, and DVD's, click here and it will connect you to CDnow's BSB Discography!

Lyrics: Wanna know all the right words to all of their songs, then click here and you will be a BSB Lyric Pro! I have almost every song they have ever released listed, so start practicing!

Tour Dates: If you need to know the dates of their upcoming concert dates, I have all of them listed on this page. Click here to find and buy tickets online, too!

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