Update Archive

7/5/00-Added 4 award winners! I also changed the survey/form, so I want you all to check it out here. Also, what do you think about the new welcome graphics? I like them a lot! Tell me what you think by clicking on the ever so lovely Travis in the left frame. Thank you!
6/29/00-I completely changed the site! Well, not completely. I changed colors. PLease tell me if you like it or not. I want to know if everyone's able to read the small font. Thanks a lot! Bye.
6/27/00-The concert kicked major ass! I'll post my little review later. I won the Shiznit Award everyone! Check it out on my awards page! Yay yay. Bamboozle and a Bye...
6/21/00-Did some revamping all over the site. Tomorrow is my concert in Long Beach! I can't wait! Bye..
6/19/00-Added a new dream! It's one of my favorites so far!
6/4/00-How do you like the new frame links? Pretty in Pink, that's right. Well, I haven't changed the POTM yet, but I'm working on it. Guess what? I was one of the winners in Enemaofthestate.com's Anniversary contest! I had a choice of the UC, or a Live in Concert video feat. Blink 182, and of course I chose the latter because I already have the UC! I'll be getting my tape in the mail, and I'll tell you all how it is! Thanks for visiting, bye
4/27/00-I have done nothing to this page for a very long time! I've been very busy with schoolwork and stuff, but I'm back now! I've started on a new page with an opener and frames, so check back frequently to see what I've done! Also, if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on my site, please make suggestions in my guestbook, or send mail to Travisgirl@enemaofthestate.com Thanks!
3/11/00-I have some personal news, today I bought Cheshire Cat and Buddha! Whoo hoo! Alright, besides that, I won the Small Award! Check it out on my awards page. I also added the new tour dates to my news section! So, check it out! Bye
3/10/00-Today I changed the Pictures of the Month!So visit the page, and tell me what you think!
3/6/00-Hey howdy hey! Tomorrow is the premier of Adam's Song on TRL at 3:30pm Pacific. I can't wait! Today I got Dude RAnch!! Finally!! I've been waiting for many years...I'm getting emotional. Ok, uhh, I won't be able to update this site very much during this month because my crazy mom won't let me on the computer! I'm being bad right now, so I gotta go so she doesn't catch me! Bye!!!
2/29/00-Hello everyone! Happy Leap year/day/week, whatever. The April issue of Teen People w/Blink on the cover is on news stands now! Go pick up your copy right away! There's about a 3-4 page article and some original pictures, so good luck! In other news, I won another award from Blink Search!
2/25/00-Blink will be on FANatic tonight!! Ehh....I'm mad at myself for not applying! Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Ok, I'm done then...uhh, I've been kinda down about that lately, so nothing has really happened on my site. Please, if you have a website, add it to my top 100! It doesn't have to be about Blink! Although, it should have an inkling of them..so, do it already! Thanks a lot!
2/18/00-Added Blink Hangman!
2/18/00-Added some kick arse news to the News section!
2/16/00(late night)-I won the Toast and Bananas award!! Thanks again Evie!!
2/16/00-I won the Alien Award from Toastandbananas.com!! I'm so excited!! Check it out in my Awardssection! Thanks Evie! I also added more pictures for each guy and the group. Check 'em out!
2/15/00-I adopted Dancing With Myself!!
2/14/00-Happy Valentine's Day!! Today I added myself to two new Top 100's...Vote For Me!!!
2/13/00-Added a News section! I hope you like it!
2/13/00-Within the last three days I have added my very own Top 100, added a Blink Boys adoption center, and now, you can win my award! I've been working really hard on this site, and I'd appreciate it if everyone signed my guestbook or slambook!
2/10/00-Added quotes from Alternative Press magazine in The Band section. I also added a drop navigation box in place of those stupid links!