When I say "We", I mean my dad, and my two friends. I put my camera in my bra, and a copy of Buddha in my hand. I bought a permanent marker, and this was all in case I met the band, which didn't happen. We left at five to go to Long Beach, we got there at around 6:40. We got a spot on the floor and waited 20 minutes for the show to start. We were pretty close to the stage, but we could have been closer. Fenix played REALLY good, and it was fun giving Will the finger. He asked for it. They played Disbelief, The Rooster Song, and others. The song they ended with was All My Fault which everyone knew. Adam really reminded me of Tom because of what he was wearing. My friends and I were going to jump out of where we were because we knew we'd probably get hurt during the Bad REligion set, and it wouldn't be a good thing to have to leave in an ambulance before Blink even came on, but we stayed. WEll, the moshing was really bad! Some crowd surfer fell on me, but I didn't get hurt. Somebody poured beer on me, and you could see puffs of smoke every now and then coming from the crowd. The whole time, it smelled like beer, pot, and sour milk in there. After a while of being pushed from every direction, they were finally over! They were really great, but the crowd kind of ruined it. It was hard to enjoy the music when you're drenched with 5 other peoples' sweat. In the 15 minutes between Bad REligion and Blink, someone broke their foot, a gangbanger was in a fight with security guards right in front of us, and I think somebody peed near me because it smelled like it. Finally, Big Tad from KROQ came out and introduced himself, and when he was done, this old movie narrator voice said, "2 minutes until the show starts" and there was this wacky porno music playing. Then the lights went out, and Blink came out! I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be. I think that's because I felt like I knew them for years and years or something. Hopefully You've all seen the set list, well that's exactly what they played. I sang FAmily Reunion in front of my dad, but he had earplugs (gag me with a rusty spoon) in so he couldn't hear me. I think I was in a very good place. I sang all the songs, and I didn't feel like an idiot, because so did everyone around me. The only people that weren't singing every single song, were my friends. They knew a lot, but not everything. I think Damon was awesome. Better than Scott, but not quite as good as Travis. He did a really good job though. I liked it when Tom talked like Satan. There was a time when Mark said, "Everybody put your arms in the air like this!" and so everyone put their arms up. Then, Tom said, "And now, everyone do this" and he made a jacking off type motion..whoo hooo. That was fun. Mark made everyone do the wave in the balcony seats, so he had them all sit down so it would work. When they didn't sit down he said, "Sit the fuck down you bastards!". Yeah. I'm getting tired of writing this, and you're probably getting tired of reading this. So, that's it!