How To Whip Up Some Blink 182

This page will give info about the guys in the band. Again, I take absolutely NO credit for a freakin' thing on this page! Most of this stuff is copied word for word from Lindsay's Blink 182 Site(get the link on the main page, or in the awards section). If there's a problem, e-mail me at

Add One Mark Hoppus

  • Full Name: Markus Allen Hoppus
  • Nick Name: Fish Guts, Mr. Take Advantage of Your Goat When You're Not Home
  • Blink-182 Relation: Vocalist/Bass Player
  • Born: March 15, 1972
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Marital Status: Has a Fiancee, Skye Everly, and are set to marry on December 2, 2000...NOOOOOOO!!!
  • Favorite Band: Jimmy Eat World / Riverfenix (Now, Fenix*TX)
  • Favorite Movie: Caddyshack
  • Pet: a beagle named Ahi (which starred in the ATST video!)
  • Smokes: No, but he used to. I'm so happy for him now! He's got will power!
Some Cool Mark Facts
  • Lives in Carmel Mountain Ranch, CA
  • In his spare time, Mark fishes and plays his Playstation and Nintendo 64. He also loves Tickle Wars.
  • Mark only exercises one butt cheek.
  • He is the tickle champion
  • Mark has his right nipple and his left ear pierced
  • Mark has no tattoos
  • The Dog in the "All the Small Things" music video is his own dog
  • Mark's fiancee's name is Skye Everly
  • Mark does have a serious side
  • Mark's father bought him his first Bass and amp when he was 15 because he helped him paint his house.
  • Mark's parents divorced when he was 14 yrs old and he moved to Washington D.C with his father.
  • When he got his first bass and amp he started his first garage band and people from all around the neighborhood would come to listen.
  • Mark originally wanted to be a high school english teacher.
  • Mark completed 2 yrs of community college and then transferred to Cal State Marcos just outside of San Diego.
  • The second day at Cal State he met Tom and then knew he had just found a kindred spirit.
  • Mark dropped out after 3 years realizing he needed to meet certain requirements to get a diploma and dropped out to go on tour with Blink.

Next Add Some Tom DeLonge

  • Full Name: Thomas Matthew DeLonge
  • Nick Name: Hot Pants, May I Check Your Prostate?
  • Blink-182 Relation: Vocalist/Guitar Player
  • Born: December 14, 1975
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Marital Status: Has girlfriend, Jen, of 4 freakin' years! I like her though, so good for him!
  • Favorite Band: Menudo
  • Favorite Movie: Foreskin Gump
  • Pet: german shepherd named Grey
Some Cool Tom Facts
  • Lives in Encinitas, CA
  • In his spare time, Tom hangs out with his girlfriend.
  • Tom frequently purchases Sombreros.
  • Tom belives in Aliens and is positive they exisit.
  • Tom only puts nailpolish on his left hand; the one he plays his guitar with.
  • Tom has 8 tattoos.
  • Tom has the right side of his lip,righ eyebrow, and both ears pierced.(1 in right and 3 in left)
  • Tom's girlfriend's name is Jennifer.
  • He loves his girlfriend very much and is 100% faithful to her.
  • He started skateboarding in the 3rd grade and as he got older it became an obsession.
  • Tom got into music when he attended church camp and one of his cabin mates had a guitar and Tom could lay it down.
  • Tom started Blink back in 1992 with Mark and his good friend, Scott.
  • He started the idea of playing in high schools at lunch hour for teens.
  • While the band was getting started, Tom drove a truck for construction sites. He quit in 1997 when they signed a contract with MCA records for Dude Ranch.

Next Add Some Tom DeLonge

  • Full Name: Travis Landon Barker
  • Nick Name: Fuck Boy, Baron Von Tito (Aquabats)
  • Blink-182 Relation: Drummer
  • Born: November 14, 1975
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Marital Status: I heard that he has a girlfriend now! I have a picture of "her", if that is her real name..just kidding. E-me if you want it! Bye!
  • Favorite Band: the police, old dirty bastard, descendents
  • Favorite Movie: True Romance
  • Pet: Tim, a member of the Inland Empire Underwear Police
Some Cool Travis Facts
  • Lives in Riverside, CA, home of the Galleria at Tyler(That's close to where I live!)
  • Drives--66 Coupe de Ville Cadillac convertible
  • In his spare time, Travis runs Famous Stars and Straps, a belt and belt buckle company specializing in hot rod designs, for boys and girls. He also collects Cadillacs and old bicycles. Buy merch here at