On my links page, "All The Small Things" is playing, on my dreams page, "Dammit" is playing, on my pictures of the month page, Josie is playing, and on my awards page, "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" is playing. They were all brought to you by Freshmidis.com! Enjoy!
[ I adopted Dancing With Myself ]
<a href ="http://prettyinblink.cjb.net">
<img src="http://www.angelfire.com/music/blink182world/blinkbanner.jpg"</img></a>
Just copy and paste that html code onto your page as a link to mine! Thanks to Lindsay from
LINDSAY'S BLINK-182 SITEfor making that banner!


Thanks Blink, you rock. Ash, thanks a lot. Well, damn. Nobody helped with this page. I worked on it from then
to now with no help whatsoever. I hope you're all happy!!! Hehe...oh yeah, Sarah from Funkychickens.com
doesn't know me, but her site helped the hell out of me. Ok, that's it. If you think you helped me, drop me a line and yell at me for it. BYE!