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MTV news interviewed the guys, and here's what they said:"We're all going to die," exclaimed guitarist Tom Delonge."We're going to be in Times Square," added bassist Mark Hoppus, "watching the riots happen. It's gonna be a lot of fun." "If the riots don't kills us," Delonge said, "then flying back home on the first will kill us. If that doesn't kill us, it's gonna be all the anthrax put into the rivers by the terrorists. If that doesn't kill us --" "If that doesn't kill Tom," interrupted Hoppus, "then the herpes will for sure." "The herpes creeping up my spinal cord and into my brain," Delonge said. "I've got herpes of the brain."" "You know what I think is going to happen when it hits midnight in the year 2000," Hoppus asked. "It's going to be like the whole world watching the odometer roll over on their car to 10,000 miles. It's going to be like ... 'Oh, cool. 2000.' ""I'm still gonna be ugly," Hoppus continued. "I'm still gonna be disgusting and I'm still not gonna have any friends." "Yeah, and that's the biggest Y2K problem," Delonge said, "it's not the computers or anything, it's Mark being ugly and not having friends."(Interview taken from MTV.com)