All About Ann

Hey loyal Blink 182 fans! What's up? My name is Ann Barker! Naw, my last name isn't Barker, but I wish it was....ook, here's my life story: My hometown is Disneyland, CA..I mean, Anaheim, CA. I live close to Blink!! hehe. I started listening to Blink a while ago when "Dammit" came out, but I didn't really pay close attention until "What's My Age Again?". I own all 4 full length CD's (Buddha, Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, and Enema Of The State), and the Urethra Cronicles. I have a few posters on my wall, but that's about it. I'm not too big on spending money on singles and stuff that are already on my CD's, but I am hoping to buy the "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" single, and I would like to buy the "Before You Were Punk" series, and the "Short Music For Short People" compilation with Family Reunion (Shit Piss) on it. Well, I'm sure I've bored you enough, so on to the cool stuff!

This page is dedicated to my friends...Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker. No, they aren't really my friends, but I wish they were! I'll be attending the Mark, Tom, and Travis show, and I am so excited! It'll be my first Blink concert, and I've been waiting for it for a very long time. I just wanted to share something with everyone...Travis Landon Barker is my idol. Hey kids, I'm not joking! Read more about it below, if you want.

As you can probably tell, Travis is my favorite member of Blink. I've told you this already, but he's my freakin' idol! Reason? Well, he's a drummer (a childhood dream of mine, and it still is), he's played on SNL (another dream of mine), and he's a successful business man. These are things I've always wanted, and he's an awesome inspiration for me!!

Some Freaky and Fruity Facts About Me

  • I am 14 years old-born on March 9, 1986.
  • The raddest band around: Blink 182, duh. Other bands I dig: Everclear, The*Ataris, No Doubt, River-Fenix-Tx..I just don't know what to call them anymore, Green Day, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Jeffries Fan Club, Lit, Godsmack, The Bloodhound Gang, Hole, The Offspring, Save Ferris, Sugar Ray, and many other crappy bands.
  • I am definitely not a hardcore Punk Rawker. I like punk bands and all, but I haven't been on the underground scene for too long, so I'm not "in" with many bands yet. Don't be an asshole towards me just because I like popular bands, because that's all I can ever have contact with.
  • Nicknames: none. Nobody likes me enough to take the time and give me a cool nickname. I've been called a bitch among other things, but I don't think that counts.
  • I am completely grossed-out by stickers. Good Lord, do they give me the heebie jeebies.
  • I have nothing better to do than work on this website. I have such a crappy life, and there's nothing fun to do around here!
  • When I say "here", I'm referring to Anaheim, California, home of Disneyland, No Doubt, and Save Ferris.
  • I go to the junior high that most members of No Doubt and Save Ferris attended.
  • Next year, I'm going to the high school that I think every member of both bands graduated from.
  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn how to play the drums.
  • I'm trying to teach myself to play the guitar, but I'm coming up unsuccessful.
  • I love musicians. Yay.
  • Here's my school schedule:
    1st period-TA for Mr. T and Mrs. W (a seventh grade history class....booooooooring)
    2nd period-English 8 HP
    3rd period-History 8 HP
    4th period-Science 8
    5th period-PE
    6th period-Spanish B
    7th period-Math 8...the stupid class
  • CD's I own:
    Buddha-Blink 182
    Cheshire Cat-Blink 182
    Dude Ranch-Blink 182
    Enema Of The State-Blink 182
    Hooray for Boobies-The Bloodhound Gang
    Midnite Vultures-Beck
    Double Take-VA *Such as Sublime, Semisonic, Blink 182*
    So Much For The Afterglow-Everclear
    Nimrod-Green Day
    Celebrity Skin-Hole
    Devil Without A Cause-Kid Rock
    Significant Other-Limp Bizkit
    A Place In The Sun-Lit
    Return of Saturn-No Doubt
    Tragic Kingdom-No Doubt
    Americana-The Offspring
    Californication-Red Hot Chili Peppers
    It Means Everything-Save Ferris
    School House Rock Rocks!-VA *This CD is cool! It has a bunch of different artists singing different School House Rock songs, such as Deluxx Folk Implosion-I'm Just a Bill, Blind Melon-Three is a Magic Number, and Better Than Ezra-Conjuction Junction*
    Fush Yu Mang-Smashmouth
    Austin Powers TSWSM-VA
    Sugar Ray-Floored
    Sugar Ray-14:59
    Third Eye Blind-Blue
    Third Eye Blind-Third Eye Blind
  • Again, I have nothing better to do than work on this page.


'Cause I have the time and the liberty..

Major propulas to Ash for advertising my site on her page, and giving me major exposure. I wanna give a big wasssssssuuuuuppp to the Enemaofthestate egroup..I really don't know why. Howdy Megan and Annie, you guys are awesome!!! Yo "Johnny", thanks for being cool, I hope your tattoo looks good! Thanks for everything: Blink 182. Especially Travis Barker, you make me want to live my dreams. Thanks for something: Bridgette (for being a great friend), Michael "Pudge" (I don't know, you're just weird), Bryan (I shouldn't even be thanking you), Byron "Big Sexy" (for helping me with math, and hating Maria as much as I do), Alex "Big A" (for being trustworthy), Kourtney (For being we todd did), Mike (for being a good "White Mike"), Josh (for making me laugh in Math), John "F-" (I don't really know you, but I loved you for playing Adam's Song one day after school. Don't be freaked out over this.), Jaycie (for being an awesome presidente), and a lot of other people. This is weird, because a couple people that I'm thanking, I barely know. I'm thanking them just so it looks like I know more people than I actually do. This is how sad my life is.

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