Welcome To My Blink 182 Dreams Page!

On this page, you'll read about the exciting, touching, and very crazy dreams I've had about Blink 182. These were all dreams I REALLY DID HAVE. I know a dreams page is a stupic concept, but you know, maybe reading about my dreams will spark your own! So read, and enjoy. Oh yeah, I only take credit for text in this page, not the pictures.

Who Felt Me Up??

I'm pretty sure the title frightened you, but it's not that bad. It starts like this...I was at a Blink 182 concert and I was moshing. Tom, Mark, and Travis were all there, playing their hearts out. Tom, was getting really excited, and he jumped into the pit where I was. As we were passing him along, my hands happened to touch the skin on his back. It was an accident! Then, as he was going a little further, I squeezed his butt...It was an accident! I swear! I was feeling embarrased, so I kind of ducked, and let him go back up to the stage. When he got back to his mic, he yelled, "Who felt me up?!?!" I raised my hand, because I thought I should be punished(even thought it really wasn't like me to want to get in trouble). Tom yelled for security and I knew I'd be in trouble. The security guy took my back stage, and told me that I won't get to see the rest of the show. I was sooo mad at myself! I sat backstage for an hour or so until the show was over. When I tried to leave, the guard said, "You're not going anywhere!" I was sooo scared! He led me into a room with food and some leather couches. I sat down, not knowing what to expect. The guard left the room, and I was alone! I had no idea what to do. Then, to my great surprise, a LARGE group of people piled into the room. There were a few guys, some girls, and Mark, Tom, and Travis! Mark came up to me and said "Hey, congratulations, you're the only one to ever touch Tom!" By this time, I almost fainted. Tom and Travis came over, and I hugged them! I couldn't contain myself. The party settled down a little, and a guy sat next to me, but I couldn't care less cuz I was too busy with Blink182! Mark was asking me questions like What's your favorite this, or that? He came to asking, "Who's your favorite actor?" and I told him, Ewan McGregor, another faint-worthy guy. Mark's like, oh yeah? I looked across the room, and you know who was waving to me?? Can you guess?? Ok,I'll tell you. EWAN MCGREGOR! I freaked! Four of my favorite guys in one room at a time! I almost wet myself!! But I didn't of course....uh hemm...Then, after my convulsions were over, Mark asked what my favorite band was. I said, "You guys, of course, but my second favorite is Third Eye Blind" He said, "Nice Choice". You know the guy that sat next to me but I didn't really care? Well, guess who THAT was. It was...STEPHEN JENKINS! LEAD SINGER OF THIRD EYE BLIND! I ALMOST wet myself this time too, but I didn't. I woke up instead. And the moral of the story is....if you always think about your favorite guys, they'll appear everywhere! Well, I don't know how that's good, but if you like that sort of thing...who am I to judge?

The Best Concert Ever!

This happens to be one of my favorite dreams...It goes a little something like this: I had gotten tickets to a Blink 182 concert and I was going to go (of course! Who would pass that up?) When I think about concerts, I always think of a way that I could meet the band, go backstage, and be friends with them for the rest of my life. I knew it would never happen, so they've always been fantasies. This time, it wasn't. I went to their concert, and I was screaming and yelling and having the time of my life. I caught Mark's attention, and he gave a signal to the security guard and I. Wondering what was going on, I just went along. The guard took me back stage, and he told me I could wander around if I wanted, then he left. I was looking at all the lights and amps and I was very upset because I didn't get to see the show. I kept looking around, and I found my way to a hallway. I walked in, of course, and the music was getting louder. Finally, I got to the end of the hallway where it was very well lit, and to my SURPRISE, I was sidestage! I was sooo happy. Standing next to me, was SETH GREEN! I hear he's a big Blink 182 fan, so I guess that's why he was there. They finished their set, and started walking towards me. Mark saw me and said, "You're here, good!" I was thinking, "Me?? Mark thinks it's good that I'M here?" Then, Travis directed me to a room with food and a couch and different kinds of stuff. We all sat down, and they asked me some questions(which I can't remember). The only question I remember them asking was,"Do you want us to take you home?" I said, "WOW! Really? Of course!" So, we piled into a van, and their chauffer drove us to my house. We talked along the way, and we learned a few things about eachother. When we got to my house, I jumped out, but before I closed the door, Tom yelled, "Hey! Wanna come to our next concert?" Of course I said yes! So we met up at their next concert and they invited me to every other concert they ever had. We became good friends, and that was it. I hate waking up...

Travis Is Related To My Grandma's Friend???

You're probably saying,"Whahh?" Well, after you read the story you won't be saying that anymore. Have I confused you already? It's ok, we all get confused sometimes....Oh, remember people, THIS IS ONLY A DREAM, IT IS NOT REAL LIFE, I AM IN NOOO WAY CONNECTED TO TRAVIS, MARK OR TOM(ALTHOUGH, I WISH I WAS). All right, here it is: I was with my family and we were visiting a friend of my grandma's. Dude, this dream is going to be hard to explain. I'm not that good of a first cut writer, so you'll be bewildered throughout the whole story. I guess I'll just say, that in my dream, Travis turned out to be my grandma's friend's nephew. We met him, then he sang for us! He was really good. Then he played a few drum combos, or whatever they're called, then Mark and Tom dropped by and I soiled myself. I was so excited, and none of my family knew who any of them were, so I got mad at my family, and the dream was over. Well, that was pretty sad. I'll have to write about my Stars and Straps dream soon, but I just wanted to fill some empty space until then. Come back soon!

30 Ways To Mess Up Meeting Travis Barker

This dream won't be up for a little while cuz I've been very busy. So, I'll just give you the jist of it all. This dream was basically about me going to Famous Stars and Straps and meeting Travis Barker. It was actually 30 or so short scenarios with the same concept. Such as, I met him and cried, or I met him and threw up, that kind of thing. When I actually get into detail, I won't tell you about the throw up stuff and the soiling myself parts, but it'll be pretty cool when I'm done. So, I hope to see ya around, Ta ta for now!

Best of Friends

Ok, this dream happened maybe a week ago, so I'll try to scrape as much of it from the back of my head onto this page. Ewww. Ok, this is all a dream therefore, nothing is true that I am about to state to all of you. Alrighty, my dad owned this Auto/Body shop for cars, and one day I went to visit him. I was helping him sort reciepts and I was counting money. I came across a very special pink slip. The customer's name was Tom DeLonge. I was freaking out! I asked my dad if he could describe that man, and he described Tom exactly. I asked him if he would ever come back, and sure enough he had to because his car was still there! I went out to the garage part of the shop and there was a maroonish red car that looked very expensive. I didn't touch it because I didn't want to ruin the glossy coat. Well, later that week I came back to the shop the same day that Tom was coming. I was cleaning some of the aisles when my dad called me from the front desk. I bet you can guess who was standing there....yep! You're right! It was Mr. Hot Pants himself, Tom DeLonge! I went over there in a very slick manner and said Hey. We started talking about I don't remember what, but later he asked me if I wanted to walk through the park with him. The park was actually a big lawn on a university campus, but I don't know which one. All I can remember was us walking around town a lot talking and singing and whatnot. From the first time we met to the end of my dream, it had been a week. I wasn't very happy when I woke up, but I had a heavenly sleep that night...