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Update: Billie has just confessed that she like fat men!! she says: "I actually really like chubby men who have got plenty of puppy fat." (Whatever turns you on Billie)

Update: Billie is in Japen promoting her single Day And Night at the moment And she is puting the finshing touches on her new single 'Something Deep Inside'and it will be out in the UK on September 11 YAY!! (can't wait)

Update: Richie says that he still have feelings for Billie is this true? He told the 'The Sun' magazine... "Who knows if I'll get back with Billie? "I still love her at the end of the day." could they start another relationship??

Update: Billie has found a new love?? Billie Piper was with Ralf Little a Royle Family Star. They were together in Londons drinking den before going off together in the night at around 1am

Update: There has been i big conflicked in the relationship of Billie and Rich "Who Dumped Who?" Well.....People say that Rich dumped Billie But that was just a LIE! They say that because company bosses pressured Rich and it was so closed to Billies new single, Day And Night. It all happen when Billie left the flat from where Rich and Billie was staying and then called him after 3 days saying "Its over" The End of a one and a half years relationship......

Update: Billies New Single "Day And Night" has come into the charts straight at Number One! Billie being the youngest female artist to have three number one hit singles (shes even bet Brintey Spears!) Info from Planet Billie

Update: Billie and Rich has broken up!! This happen over the PHONE this is pretty sad for billie but this doesn't get billie down she up and about wining the Loaded Magazine's 21st Century Girl gong she says "I'm delighted! It shows that my fans still love me and I'm not forgotten!"

Update: While Billie was performing at London's G.A.Y Club there was a little slip up. She wasn't aware that her nipple was showing and she told the 'Sun' magazine "I didn't mean to..."

Update: I hear that Billie and Rich are splashing out 20,000 on a double birthday bash, they both have birthdays in September. The birthdays are going to be big occasions. Billie will be 18 and Ritchie 21 So they are really going to go for it.

Update: Billie has just done a awesome new photo shoot for the "Maxim Magazine" They all look great!

Update: I just heard that Billie's new single "Day and Night" has been postponed to 15th of May because of CD production problems.

Update: The album is complete and ready and the next single called "Day and Night" Its going to be Number 1!.

Update: Billie's long awaited 5th single is going to be out in May 8th, right now, she is in Sweden putting the finishing touches on the new single of the new album. There will also be a new Billie logo on the album too.