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Because We Want To

Track1: Because We Want To (Radio Edit)
Track2: G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T
Track3: Because We Want To (Sgt. Rock 'Old Skool Mix)
Track4: Because We Want To (Tall Paul vs Billie)


Track1: Girlfriend (RadioEdit)
Track2: Love Groove
Track3: Girlfriend (Tin Tin Out Mix)

She Wants You

Track1: She Wants You (Album Version)
Track2: Last Christmas
Track3: She Wants You (Sharp 'Ballroom' Remix)

Honey To The Bee

Track1: Honey To The Bee (Radio Edit)
Track2: Honey To The Bee (Acoustic Version)
Track3: Honey To The Bee (Delakota Mix)

Honey To The B (Album)

Track1: Because We Want To
Track2: Don't Forget To Remember
Track3: Girlfriend
Track4: Honey To The Bee
Track5: I Dream
Track6: You've Got It
Track7: Love Groove
Track8: Whatcha Gonna Do
Track9: Officially Yours
Track10: Party On The Phone
Track11: Saying I'm Sorry Now
Track12: She Wants You