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The Unauthorized Discography Of Ben Folds Five


This page was rebuilt with the help of Kathryn. Please visit her unique Ben Folds Five page 'The Strangest Things'. Steffen has provided a lot of valuable information to this page. Please visit his Ben Folds Five page 'Underground'. Julie has helped me out with the Australian releases. Please visit her Astralian Ben Folds Five site. Dan (JKFett) has provided me with some excellent information as well. Please check out his site here. Thanks to Damian who hooked me up with some cool scans. Thank you all very much. Without you, this page would not be as good as it is. Frank also deserves a Thank You for inspiring me to create this page.


If you didn't spot a CD that you have or know of, please drop me a line. I am trying to create the most complete discography possible, which means I need your help. Please send as much of the following information as you can:
  • The catalog number on the spine.
  • The record company (or companies).
  • The track list
  • A scan of the front cover (or a good description if you can't send a scan).
  • The release date.
  • The country of origin.
I greatly appreciate any help you can give me, and I will give you full credit for supplying the information. Now click here to contribute. Thanks-Jared Pinkos


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  • Tool-The best fan-run site out there. This one might as well be official!
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  • The Verve Pipe-The official site of this great Michigan band (gotta love the locals).
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  • Siren Disc-The best internet source of Ben Folds Five singles.
  • Ebay-This cool auction site is the best place to find a lot of rare stuff.
  • Lake Superior State University-My small school in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. 1988, 1992, and 1994 NATIONAL HOCKEY CHAMPIONS!
  • The Detroit Red Wings-The Internet home of the GREATEST HOCKEY TEAM EVER to play the game.
  • Angelfire-I'm sure they would appreciate the visit. You can even start your own FREE WEB PAGE just like this one!
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