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Scratching Post Section

Scratching Post is:

Hey welcome to my Scratching Post Page! hope you like it and if you don't then tell me what you want. Scratching Post formed in 1992 in London Ontario by one angel- throated, power-chorded Nicole Hughes. In September 1995, after three years of wayward gigging and personnel hassles, the band's sound solidified and intensified with the addition of Jeff Depew on drums and Mark Holman on on guitar.Scratching Post released their self-titled CD-EP in November of '95. Scratching Post added Phil Zeller in 96' and then went on to release their thrid album by 1998.

Here is a list of songs off their most recent album-Destruction of the Universe
Here is a list of songs from their second album-Flamethrower
  • Master of action
  • Get with the program
  • Bloodflame
  • More than like
  • Gracie
  • Flyweight
  • Zipper
  • Don't sweat it
  • Feet for fins
  • Beef
  • Comb
  • Rednecks and monster trucks
    Here is a list of the songs from their Scratching Post (self-titled) album which is rare because only 500 copies where made:

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