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I Mother Earth is:

When you think there's salvation, when you don't want to leave your room, eyes open undreaming, when it's summertime in the void

The latest album from this band was "Blue Green Orange". That album features the popular singles "Summertime in the void" and "All awake". Not only has I Mother Earth's lead singer changed but their music has changed. The feeling and the sound that came from Scenery and Fish is definately different than what comes from Blue Green Orange. Probably the best thing about the band is that thanks to every member sharing song and music writing duties when Edwin left they didn't lose everything just a singer. Some bands leead singers do all the work and when they leave the band is finished but IME hung in the music business and came back to make anotheer great album.
Here is the list of songs on Blue Green Orange
The most recent album released by IME before BGO was Scenery and Fish released in 1996 which featured the hit songs "One more astronaut", "Another Sunday" and "Used to be Alright".
Here is a list of ongs from Scenery and Fish:
The very first album released by IME was in 1993 and was called "Dig". I do not have much info about it right now.
Songs from Dig:
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