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Styff MUFFinz band pictures and song archive(brand new song here)
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Old Piratted MUFFinz site(our first site check it out)
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We may have some new songs, check them out at the song archive. You can vote to see if you like them or not. We still have that new poll, so you can check that out and right under ththe poll you can pass this site to one of your friends with one simple click. Those are the new features for now. As always the guestbook is open for you to sign. VERY IMPORTANT: nobody has made a discussion in the boardroom or posted anything. There is a link at the top of the page and we expect to see some discussion(j/k)(got ya) You can if you want(no pressure)Ha!!!. Also towards the bottom we have some link where you can buy any kind of musical CDs for really cheap, and any kind of musical equipment, if you want to check those out.Sorry again for not having the band pictures on here yet.It was taken on our drummers camera and he just hasnt got them developed yet. But however we have some pictures to put up from another source(they were taken at school during lunch by some people and they said we coud use them). We will put any pictures of us we get on the site as soon as we get them so keep checking back for one day they might be here.Back to MUFFinz news though...we have been writing a lot of songs lately and practicing a lot.Well we have to go now.Thanks and peace out for now. MIKE CASKEY is still a big fruity ball of flaming gayness(at our school and made fun of the MUFFinz). He recently changed his address though so we dont have a screen name where you can write him nice mail yet.(nice, dirty mail!)Oh well I guess thats it for now. Check back often, this page gets updated a lot, Ha!!!!. No really it does. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!
We are gradually getting new stuff on this site all the time. Its not like we are on our computers all the time but we try to update it when we can. Check back here later for more updates though.We have a new song but we have not named it yet. This could be our first song we put on this site so answer the poll right below. I guess there is not much else right now. See ya.And remember you can always Email us. There is a link at the bottom of this page to write us, or you can just write to us at (either way the address is still the same).

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