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  Silly Dreamer Trading Stevie Nicks Demos/Outtakes/Masters"


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SILLY DREAMER Stevie Nicks Demos/Outtakes/Masters

For a list of Master numbered reels email me.

  • Bella Donna Master Session -

    Taken from master reel to reel. Two takes of Bella Donna' (5:07) and Bella Donna studio take #4 (5:16).

  • Bella Donna Master Studio Demos Remastered -

    Rich Old Lady (1/27/80-OTR sessions)/Outside The Rain (1/27/80- 8 takes-reels 1 & 2)/Outside The Rain (1/31/80-edited master w/extra lyrics)/Outside The Rain (1/31/80-4 takes-tones)/ Think About It (3/23/81-demo take 3-rough mix reel 4)/Think About It (3/23/81-demo take 3 w/rough mix background vocal-reel 4)/ Kind Of Woman (3/23/81-rough mix reel 4 w/background vocals)/Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (5/14/81-3 takes master mix reel 2)/ Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (5/14/81-master mix reel 2-take 6)/Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (5/14/81-master mix reel 2-take 7)/Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (5/14/81-master mix reel 2-take 8)

  • Bella Donna Master Studio Demos #1 -

    Planets Of The Universe/Goodbye Baby (false start #1)/Goodbye Baby (false start #2)/Goodbye Baby/Kind Of Woman/Kind Of Woman (scaled down)/Leather And Lace (false start #1)/Leather And Lace (false start #2)/Leather And Lace (false start #3)/ Leather And Lace (complete Stevie vocal)/Leather And Lace (false start #4)/ Leather And Lace (mess up)/Leather And Lace (false start #5)/ Leather And Lace (false start #6)/Leather And Lace (Stevie & Don)/ Leather And Lace (Don's part)/Leather And Lace (acapella chorus)

  • Castaway Master Session -

    Taken from original master reel to reel. Includes 3 takes of 'Castaway. Raw sounding take (3:05)/Longer take, similar to first (8:04)/ Take with backing vocals by Sharon & Lori (11:07)

  • Christian/Starshine Reel E #1-

    Partial take/Full Take/More Practice/Union Tamborine Player/Complete take

  • Christian/Starshine Reel E #2-

    Same as #1, except talking parts have been amplified.

  • The Dealer Master Reel To Reel Recorded on 2/15/81 & 2/16/81.-

    Each take is different, some feature Stevie solo, others include Sharon & Lori on backing vocals: The Dealer (2/15/81-demo-complete take)/ The Dealer (2/16/81-complete take #10)/The Dealer (2/16/81-complete take #11)/ The Dealer (2/16/81-complete take #12)/The Dealer (2/16/81-complete take #13)/The Dealer (2/16/81-complete take #16)

  • The Dealer Extended Master -

    Includes 9 takes of "The Dealer". The Dealer 24 track,The Dealer take #11, The Dealer Take #12, The Dealer Take #13, The Dealer take #14, The Dealer take #10 solo mix, The Dealer acappela, The Dealer take #16 composite mix, The Dealer remix.

  • Golden Braid Master Sessions 1981 -

    Three master reel takes of 'Golden Braid. Two studio takes & one live take.

  • If You Were My Love Master Session -

    Taken from original master reel to reel. Includes 7 takes of 'If You Were My Love' and 1 amplified track.

  • Julia Master Reel To Reel 6/4/81 -

    Taken from original master reel to reel, recorded 6/4/81. Includes: 'Julia' (take #3-complete w/fade)/'Julia' (take #4-complete w/fade)/'Julia' (take #5-complete w/extended vocal end-no fade)

  • Julia Master Reel To Reel 6/7/81-

    Taken from original master reel to reel recorded 6/7/81. Includes 2 complete takes of "Julia".

  • Julia Master Reel To Reel 6/8/81 -

    Taken from original master reel to reel. Studio demo recorded 6/8/81-complete take of 'Julia'

  • Julia Day Two #1-

    Taken from original master reel to reel, 15 minute rough take of the construction of 'Julia'.

  • Julia Day Two #2-

    Same as #1 except talking parts have been amplified.

  • Julia Master Reel To Reel 1981-

    Taken from original master reel to reel. Twelve complete and three partial takes, each slightly different either in instrumental or vocals.

  • Kind Of Woman Master Sessions 1/17/80 -

    Taken from original master reel to reel. Two Takes of Kind Of Woman.

  • Kind Of Woman 1/17/80 -

    Kind Of Woman #1 - #9/Lots of talking/Tom Petty Singing Runaway

  • Lady From The Mountain Master Session -

    Taken from original master reel to reel. Includes 2 incomplete takes (1:38 & 1:13), and 2 complete drum machine demos (labeled takes #7 & #8)of 'Lady From The Mountain'.

  • Lily Girl Master Reel w/ Kenny G. 4/14/88-4/18/88 & Remastered Masters-

    Lily Girl- no vocal sax version 4/18/88/Lily Girl- no vocal sax version 4/14/88/ Lily Girl- vocal track #2 take #7 4/15/88/Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger- no vocal 4/15/88/ Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger- vocal track #19/ Dial The Number- vocal harmony and sax 4/16/88/ My Heart- remastered/ If You Were My Love- remastered/Bombay Sapphires- remastered alt take/Mirror Mirror #1- remastered/Mirror Mirror #2- remastered/ Mirror Mirror #3- remastered/ Mirror Mirror #4- remastered

  • Outside The Rain Session 4/4/80 #1 -

    23 minute studio take of 'Outside The Rain with Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, (lots of talking)/6 min. unknown song. Includes Needles and Pins and If You Were My Love.

  • Outside The Rain Session 4/4/80 #2 -

    Same as #1, except talking parts have been amplified.

  • Master Reel To Reel Demos 1/8/80 -

    Without You/Candlebright/That's Alright/Garbo/Cathouse Blues/Sorcerer/Goldfish And The Ladybug/After The Glitter Fades/Kind Of Woman/Planets Of The Universe/Leather And Lace/Think About It/ Smile At You/Sleeping Angel/If You Ever Did Believe (cut)/The Dealer (w/Tom Petty)/ Still Of The Night/Gypsy/Outside The Rain

  • Rhiannon 3/29/78 -

    Includes 3 takes of 'Rhiannon' from the 3/29/78 master reel to reel. These demos are piano & vocals only. 1)complete take/2)edit/3)master-better at end (more of an instrumental mix-Stevie's vocals are barely audible) Each take is slightly over 13 minutes long

  • Sanctuary Master Reel To Reel Demo CD #1 -

    Taken from original master reel to reel. 21 minute studio session recorded 4/81-lyrics & instrumentation for 'Sanctuary' being arranged. Lots of dialogue between Stevie & Tom Petty Sanctuary Master Reel To Reel Demo CD #2 - Includes 5 studio takes of 'Sanctuary', plus dialogue. Includes - take #3 (instr.)/complete take #4/blues outtake/ He'll Have To Go/Easter Bunny/complete take #5/Chilean Caped Caper/ complete take #6/complete take #7

  • 'Tusk' Test Pressing/'Bella Donna' Sessions/'Rock A Little' Instrumentals -

    Angel ('Tusk' test pressing 9/24/79)/Bella Donna #1 (7/14/80)/ Bella Donna #2 (7/14/80)/Gypsy/I Sing For The Things (8/19/85-instr.)/ If You Were My Love #1/If You Were My Love #2/Imperial Hotel (8/19/85-instr.)/Still Of The Night (1/6/80-Walter & Stevie)/No Spoken Word (8/19/85-instr.)/Sisters Of The Moon ('Tusk' test pressing 9/24/79)/Some Become Strangers (8/19/85-instr.)/The Dealer (w/Tom Petty-'master of my fate')

  • Newly Discovered Demos From Master Reels -

    Gypsy (Mirage rehearsals w/ Stevie singing, cut)/ Joan of Arc (cut)/ Sara (alt lyrics)/Sara #2 (outtake, added guitar)/Sara #3 (instrumental)/Storms (longer, no backing vocals)/If You Were My Love (not piano demo, very strong vocal)

  • Backing vocals & outtakes -

    Love's A Hard Game To Play (backing vocals)/ Edge Of Seventeen (backing vocals)/Edge Of Seventeen #2 (backing vocals)/Talk To Me (backing vocals)/Whole Lotta Trouble (backing vocals)/Whole Lotta Trouble #2 (backing vocals)/Outside The Rain/Outside The Rain (backing vocals)/Edge Of Seventeen/Beauty And The Beast (long piano demo in 2 parts)/Gypsy (BD rock outtake)/Gypsy (drum machine/piano)/24 Karat Gold (alt.)/24 Karat Gold (alt.)

  • 80's Demos-

    Mirror, Mirror, Smile AT You,NO spoken Word,Thousand Days,Whole Lotta Trouble,Beautiful Ghost, Prettiest Girl In The World ,Dial The Number,Ooh Ooh Baby,Love Don't Fail Me Now,Battle Of The Dragon,Rooms On Fire,The Dance/Old Fashioned,Castaway

  • 80 And 90's Demos-

    Something Exquisite/If You Were MY love (Street Angel)/Doing The Best I Can (Piano)/What Has Rock And Roll Ever Done For You/Love Don't Fail me now/Jane,Mistaken Love/Tragedy OF One's Own Soul/The Dance/Old Fashion/Beautiful Ghost/Rhiannon/At The Fair/Doing The Best I Can (Uptempo)/City Of Hope (Cut)/Docklands

  • Demos And Outtakes-

    Baby Doll, All The King Horses, Smile At You, Castaway, No Light, The Tower, Sanctuary, The Dealer, Lady From The Mountain, Are You Mine?, Secret Love, China Doll, Sara (unedited), At Last, The Witch

  • Demos and Outtakes-

    Gods Garden/Inspiration/Leather and Lace/Amber/Think About It/Storms/Beauty and The Beast/I Need You/Cecelia/Anybody Out There/See The World Go By/Frozen Love(Live)/I'm So Afraid/Landslide/Spare Me A little/Rhiannon

  • Demos & Outtakes #6 (2 CD)-

    *Disc #1* Battle Of The Dragon #2/ Doing The Best I Can #2/ Impossible Task/ Jimmy Come On Back (3 RAL outtakes)/ Love Don't Fail Me Now/ No Questions Asked #2/ No Question Asked #3 (slow demo)/ Rooms On Fire #1/ Rooms On Fire #2/ Rooms On Fire #3 (instrumental) *Disc #2* She Loves Him Still (3 RAL outtakes)/ The Dealer/ The Dealer (Tusk #2 cut)/ Two Kinds Of Love (Rupert Hine solo)/ Two Kinds Of Love (Stevie & Rupert duet)/When I See You Again (alternate)

  • Demos & Outtakes #13 (1/20/86-taken from orig. master) -

    Are You Mine/Destiny/Sorcerer/Julia #1/Julia #2/Sanctuary/The Dealer #1/ The Dealer #2/If You Were My Love/Belle Fleur/Golden Braid/Lady From The Mountain #1/Lady From The Mountain #2/ Knocking On Doors/Rose Garden (rare version)/Baby Doll/Ooh Ooh Baby (full end lyric)/All The Beautiful Worlds

  • Demos & Outtakes #14 (non-lp cuts/taken from orig. master) -

    Night Gallery/Rock A Bye Baby/Mirror Mirror/If You Were My Love/ Still Of The Night/Silent Night/I Can't Wait (dance mix)/Talk To Me (alt.)/Impossible Task (alt.)/All Over You

  • Demos & Outtakes #15 (2 CDs) -

    Mirror Mirror (6 versions)/I've Loved And I've Lost/Jimmy Come Back (3 versions)/ Wild Heart (full end lyric)/Wild Heart (RS photo shoot)/Greta (WH alt.)/ Dial The number (3 versions)/Thousand Days (alt.)/Thousand Days (SA)/All The King's Horses (full band)/Mirror Mirror/No Spoken Word/Outside The Rain/Thousand Days/All The King's Horses

  • A Gypsy in the Making-

    Gypsy (Demo), Stand Back (Master), Still Of The Night (Take #18 of Master Reel #12), Thousand Days (Demo), Sleeping Angel (Scaled Down Master), I've Loved And Lost, Silver Springs (Old Piano Demo), I Sing For The Things (Master Piano), Beauty And The Beast (French Singer Version), Edge Of Seventeen (Master)

  • And The Wind Became Crazy-Sara Compilation-

    Cleaning Lady/Instrumental/Piano Demo/Single version/VH1 Storytellers/Live, Melbourne/ FM Live Video/Tusk Version/The Chain Version/Los Angeles/ Live Japan/Beautiful Child(Alt.)/BC(Alt. 2)/.BC(Instrumental)

  • Baby Doll-

    Baby Doll/Golden Braid/Belle Fleur/Destiny/Goodbye Baby/Sisters Of The Moon (piano demo)/I Sing For The Things/The Dealer/Lady From The Mountain/24 Karat Gold/Cecilia/Julia/Sanctuary/Rock A Little

  • Buckingham Nicks II: Acoustic & Bass Demos

    Acoustic & Vocals - Without You/Candlebright/That's Alright/ Garbo/Sorcerer/Goldfish And The Ladybug/Sorcerer Bass & Vocals - Without You/Candlebright/That's Alright/Garbo/ Sorcerer/Cathouse Blues/Goldfish And The Ladybug

  • Cathouse Blues -

    Watch Devil/Secret Love/Without You/Storms/Candlebright/ That's Alright/ Garbo/Sorcerer/Goldfish And The Ladybug/Cathouse Blues/Smile At You/Castaway/Silver Springs/After The Glitter Fades/Crying In The Night/Kind Of Woman/Think About It

  • China Doll -

    Fireflies (demo)/Sleeping Angel/Violet And Blue/ If Anyone Falls/Gypsy #3/How Still My Love/Kind Of Woman/Forsaken Love #3/Maker Of Birds/Forest Of The Black Roses/Bella Donna/Melusine/China Doll/Sara

  • Country Girl demo Set-

    Rose Garden/Sweet Girl/Need You/Are You Mine/If You Ever Did Believe/ Sleeping Angel/After The Glitter Fades/Think About It/That's Alright/Garbo/Maybe Love/Unconditional Love/ Destiny/Gods Garden/I Sing For The Things/Imperial Hotel/Affairs Of The Heart/She Loves him Still

  • Crystal Clear Visions-

    How Still My Love (alt version 1), Gypsy Beggar(s), Twisted, The Nightmare, Knockin On Doors, If You Were My Love, Joan Of Arc, If You Ever Did Believe, Mistress Of My Fate (The Dealer), How Still My Love (alt version 2), Edge Of Seventeen (dance mix), All Over You.

  • Diva Remixes

  • Duets #1 -

    Gold (John Stewart)/Magnet And Steel (Walter Egan)/The Apartment Song (Tom Petty)/ Whenever I Call You Friend (Kenny Loggins) Desiree (Rick Vito)/Sorcerer (Marilyn Martin) Needles And Pins (Tom Petty)/If You Ever Did Believe (Louise Goffin)/Let Me Count The Ways (Dave Koz)/Intuition (Rick Vito)/Secret (Robin Zander)/Smiling Islands (Robbie Patton)/ Midnight Wind (John Stewart)/Frozen Love (Lindsey)

    Ebony Eyes -

    Sisters Of The Moon (Awesome Version With Extra Layers Of Stevie Vocals And Chris Harmonies)/ Juliet (Outtake)/ Hypnotized (Live With Bob Welch And Stevie On Backing Vocals)/ Ebony Eyes (Live Stevie On Backup/Not The Cal Jam Or B. Welch And Friends)/ Silver Springs (Early Outtake)/Smile At You (Mirage Outtake)/ Rhiannon (Rosebud With Interview Intro)/Landslide (Outtake)/ Angel (Live)/ If Anyone Falls (Alt Outtake)/ Straight Back (Outtake With Echo Microphone)/ Silent Night (Live Top Of The Pops)/ Never Going Back (Awesome Lindsey Guitar Outtake)/ Need To Know (HBO Special)/ After The Glitter (Live)/ Happy Birthday To Barbara

  • Enchanted Outtakes- Volume I-

    Gold Dust Woman (rehearsal 1998)/After the glitter fades (rehearsal 1998)/Battle of the Dragon/Talk to Me/Rock A Little/Mirror Mirror (4:36)/The Nightmare/Silent Night/Edge of Seventeen (alt. "coo" version)/How Still My Love/All Over You/Twisted (alt. demo) /I Wanna Talk To You /Something Exquisite/Thatís Alright

  • Enchanted Outtakes- Volume II-

    Edge of Seventeen/How Still My Love #1/How Still My Love #2/All Over You/Twisted/Gypsy Beggars/The Nightmare/Do I Bring You Down/If You Were My Love/Running Through The Garden/City of Hope/At the Fair/All the Beautiful Worlds /Love Is Like A River/Lady From the Mountain/Takes a Long Time/ Are You Mine (Jim Ladd interview í83)

  • From A Parallel Universe (taken from 1980 - 1981 Bella Donna Sessions Master Reels)-

    BELLA DONNA (Vocal and piano) from the "Think About It April 9,1981 w/Bella Donna" reel/ KIND OF WOMAN from the "Kind of Woman March 20,1981 TV themes" 24 track reel/ THE DEALER (take #5) from the "The Dealer Day 2 Rough Mixes Feb.17,1981" 1/4th Inch reel /THINK ABOUT IT (take #3) from the "Think About It April 9,1981" 24 track reel/SANCTUARY (take #7) from the "Sanctuary April 5,1980 Reel #5" 24 track reel /AFTER THE GLITTER FADES from the "Bella Donna Outtakes April 6,1981" 24 track reel/SLEEPING ANGEL from the "Reel #3 Rough Mixes March 17,1981" 1/4th Inch reel/EDGE OF SEVENTEEN (take #26) from the "March 1981 Bella Donna Outtakes" 1/4th Inch reel/ HOW STILL MY LOVE (take #2) from the "How Still My Love Reel #7 Oct.11,1980" reel/GYPSY (take #6) from the "Gypsy w/Tom Petty April 5,1980" 24 track reel/LEATHER AND LACE (Guitar demo) from the "Gold & Braid March 5,1981" 24 track reel/ BABY DOLL (take #2) from the "Baby Doll Feb.18,1981" 24 track reel/OUTSIDE THE RAIN (take #4) from the "Outside the Rain April 3,1980" 24 track reel/. GOLD AND BRAID (take #1) from the "Gold & Braid/Keep Me Hanging On" reel /THE HIGHWAYMAN (take #16) from "The Highwayman March 5,1981" 24 track reel

  • Gems(taken from master reels)-

    Sisters Of The Moon/After The Glitter Fades/Kind Of Woman/Goodbye Baby/Planets Of The Universe/ Leather And Lace/Think About It/Smile At You/Sleeping Angel/If You Ever Did Believe

  • Hard Game To Play - Japanese import-

    Loves A Hard Game To Play (us edit) - 4:18/ I can't Wait (12 inch version) - 6:10/ Edge Of Seventeen (live) - 5:57/Battle Of The Dragons - 5:13/ Sleeping Angel - 4:43/ I Can't Wait (dub) 5:56/Bonus tracks from Japanese Street Angel-Gods Garden/Inspiration/

  • Ivory Keys (piano demos)-

    Rhiannon/Forest Of The Black Roses/Maker Of Birds/Forsaken Love/Sisters Of The Moon/ Kin Of Woman/Planets Of The Universe/China Doll/Beauty And The Beast/Gypsy

  • Magic Garden -

    Silver Springs (orig. mix)/Rose Garden/Listen To The Rain/ God's Garden/Running Through The Garden/Think About It (Rumours)/ 24 Karat Gold/All The Beautiful Worlds/Do I Bring You Down (not Stevie)/At The Fair/No Questions Asked/Rooms On Fire (demo)/ Love Don't Fail Me Now/Doing The Best That I Can (demo)

  • Mirror Ball -

    Christian/Nothing Ever Changes (demo)/ Dial The Number (WH)/One More Tomorrow/Violet And Blue/If Anyone Falls (demo)/Julia/Joan Of Arc/Sanctuary/Gypsy/Starshine/Smile At You/Leather And Lace/The Highwayman

  • Mirror Image-

    Mirror Mirror#1,Smile At You/No Spoken Word/Thousand Days/Whole Lotta Trouble/Beautiful Ghost/Prettiest Girl In The World/Dial The Number/Ooh Ooh Baby/Love Don't Fail Me Now/Battle Of The Dragon/Rooms On Fire/Old Fashioned/Castaway/Mirror Mirror#2

  • Mix Down-

    Think About It/ Storms / The Grandfather Song / Melacine (The Witch) / Love and War / Jimmy Come On Back / Sleeping Angel / I've Loved and I've Lost / Sable on Blonde / After the Glitter Fades / Listen to the Rain / Battle of the Dragon / Blue Water / Real Tears / Fireflies / If You Ever Did Believe / The Highwayman (with DH) / How Still My Love / Mystical Love / Wild Heart (Dressing Room demo)

  • Mystical Moments -

    Rock A Little (piano demo w/Mick)/Something Exquisite/ I Can't Wait/Greta (RAL)/The Nightmare/Lady From The Mountain (RAL)/Talk To Me/Mix Down/Mirror Mirror/Battle Of The Dragon (w/Tom Petty)/ This Is My Cross To Bear/Mystical Love/What Has R&R Ever Done For You/Welcome To The Room...Sara

  • Never Ending Storms -

    Storms (demo at home w/friends)/She Calls You Missing/All These Years/Beautiful Ghost/Impossible Task/Mabel Normand/The Dance/ It's Not A Dream/Tragedy Of One's Own Soul/The Charmed Ones (City Of Hope)/ Takes A Long Time/All The King's Horses/Castaway/She Loves Him Still

  • Non Album Tracks & Demos-

    Night Gallery/Rock A Bye Baby/Mirror Mirror/If Your Were My Love/Still Of The Night(cut)/Silent Night/I Can't Wait(dance mix), Talk To Me(alternative),Impossible Task(Lily),All Over You,Are You Mine?,The Dealer (drum machine demo), Knocking On Doors

  • Remixes & B Sides-

    I Can't Wait-12 inch mix, Rooms On Fire-extended version,Real Tears,Inspiration,Rock A Little,Maybe Love-remix,I Sing For The Things,Mirror Mirror,Gods Garden,Mistaken Love,How Still My Love,Inspiration-alternative,Long Way To Go-remix,Stand Back-extended dance mix,Nightmare-vocal mix

  • Rolling Stone Photo Shoot -

    enchanted / if you were my love / smile at you / that's alright

  • See The World Go By (Fritz demos) -

    When Will We Love Again/See The World Go By/I Need You/Anybody Out There/Amber/ Stay Away (BD demo)/Baby Doll (alt.)/If You Were My Love (piano)/Goodbye Baby/Golden Braid/Belle Fleur/Sweet Girl (San Jose '97)/Garbo (San Jose '98)/Rose Garden (San Jose '98)/Enchanted (San Jose '98)/ Poor Me (written by Stevie & Liza Jane Edwards/performed by Liza Jane)

  • SOTM Compilation

  • Something Exquisite-

    Something Exquisite/If You Were My Love/Doing The Best I Can/What Has Rock And Roll Ever Done For You/Love Don't Fail Me Now/Jane's Song/Mistaken Love/Maybe Love/Tragedy Of One's Own Soul/Old Fashioned/Beautiful Ghost/Rhiannon/At The Fair/Doing The Best I Can/City Of Hope/Docklands

  • Uncirculated Rumours (2 CDs) -

    Castaway #1/Silver Springs (paino demo)/ Rhiannon #1/Forsaken Love #1/Rhiannon #2/Forsaken love #2/ Sleeping Angel/Sara/Castaway #2 /Forest Of The Black Roses #1/Forest Of The Black Roses #2/Blue Water/Think About It/ If You Ever Did Believe/Smile At You/Leather And Lace/Julia/Maker Of Birds/Battle Of The Dragon (w/Tom Petty)/After The Glitter Fades/Crying In The Night/Kind Of Woman/I Sing For The Things/Blue Lamp/Silver Springs (live '77)/Violet And Blue

  • Valentine -

    Silver Springs/If You Ever Did Believe/Are You Mine/Destiny/If You Were My Love/Sleeping Angel/Beauty And The Beast/When I See You Again/Julia/Sara/If Anyone Falls/How Still My Love/Paper Doll/That's Alright

  • The Witch -

    Beautiful Child/Beauty And The Beast/Mix Down/ Blue Lamp-It's Not A Dream/This Is My Cross To Bear/Mystical Love/Gypsy Beggar/Prettiest Girl In The World/All These Years/China Doll/If You Were My Love//At The Fair/The Charmed Ones/Love Don't Fail Me Now/ Stand Back (DJ mix)/Tragedy Of One's Own Soul/Blue Water/Mabel Normand/Wild Heart (RS photo shoot)

  • Think About It Compilation vol one and two

  • Bella Donna: The Beginning -

    Bella Donna/Kind Of Woman/ Stop Draggin' My Heart Around/The Highwayman/Gypsy/After The Glitter Fades #1/The Dealer/Leather And Lace/Julia #1/Edge Of Seventeen/How Still My Love/After The Glitter Fades #2/Julia #2

  • Bella Donna Demos & Outtakes

  • Wild Hearted -

    Wild Heart (full end lyric)/ Nightbird (full end lyric)/ Blue Water (acapella snippet)/ Edge of 17/ The Dealer/ Great Dial the Number #1/ All the Baautiful Worlds #1/ Are You Mine/Wild Heart (dressing room demo)/ Baby Doll/ Belle Fleur/ If You Were My Love/ Dial the NUmber #2/ All the Beautiful Worlds #2/ Nothing Ever Changes/One More Tomorrow

  • RAL Demos # 1

    Rock A Little Outtake/Sister Honey/ She Loves Him Still/Juliet/ Love Is Like A River/ Mirror, Mirror/ Night Gallery/ Lady From The Mountains/ Greta/ Rock A Bye Baby/ Running Through The Garden/ I Sing For The Things (fast)/ Talk To me/ Nightmare/Tied Up In Promises/ Rose Garden/ At The Fair/Are You Mine?

  • RAL Demos #2

    Rock A Little(wild end)/ Night Gallery/All The Kings Horses ext./Blue Lamp..It's Not A Dream/It's Not A Dream/Thousand Days (alt lyrics)/She Calls You Missing/ Love Is Like A River (alt lyrics)/ Ooh Baby (complete lyrics)/ Impossible Task(alt lyrics)/Greta (alt lyrics)/Mirror Mirror (haunted version)/ Some Become Strangers (outtake)/The Nightmare (special vocal mix)/No Spoken Word (outtake)/Rock A Little (piano demo)

  • Rock A Little Sessions -

    Rock A Little/Sister Honey/She Loves Him Still/Juliet/Love Is Like A River/Mirror Mirror/Night Gallery/Lady From The Mountain/Greta/Rock A Bye Baby/Running Through The Garden/Some Become Strangers/Talk To Me/The Nightmare/Tied Up (In Promises)/Rose Garden/At The Fair/Are You Mine/The Nightmare (ext. alt. lyrics)

  • Rocking A Little

    Rock A Little (alt), Night Gallery, All The Kings Horses (8 min), Blue Lamp/It's Not A Dream, It's Not A Dream, Thousand Days (with extra verse), She Calls You Missing, Love Is Like A River (alt lyrics), Oh Baby, Impossible Task (alt ), Greta (alt lyrics), Mirror Mirror, Some Become Strangers (outtake), Nightmare (ext) No Spoken Word (outtake.)

  • Rock A Little Master Mixes

  • Mirror Angel

  • SA Master MIxes 2-26-93-Selected Masters 2-24-93

  • SA Masters

  • Street Angel Outtakes -

    Blue Denim/Greta/Street Angel/Docklands/Listen To The Rain / Destiny/Unconditional Love/Love Is Like A River/ If You Were My Love/Rose Garden/Maybe Love/Just Like A Woman/Kick It/Jane's Song/God's Garden/Inspiration

  • Street Angel Abbey Road Mixes -

    Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind/Kick It/God's Garden/Love Is Like A River/Blue Denim/Rose Garden #1/Street Angel/Just Like A Woman/Unconditional Love/Destiny/Inspiration/ Running Through The Garden/Rose Garden #2/Jane's Song

  • Trouble In Shangri-La Demos & Outtakes 6/15/99 -

    Candlebright (Sheryl Crow rough mix 5/27/99)/Sorcerer (Sheryl Crow rough mix 5/27/99)/Thrown Down #1/Thrown Down #2/Space Needle/Love Is (solo demo)/Bombay Sapphires (solo demo)/Not Make Believe/Trouble In Shangri-La (demo)/Have No Heart/Planets Of The Universe (5/23/99)

  • Trouble In Shangri-La Demos & Outtakes 8/4/99 -

    Planets Of The Universe (8/2/99)/Annabel Lee/Fall From Grace (demo)/Love changes (demo)/That Made Me Stronger

  • Crystal Visions Volume #1 (4 CDs) -

    Something Exquisite/If You Were My Love/ Doing The Best That I Can demo)/What Has R&R Ever Done For You/Love Don't Fail Me /Jane/Forsaken Love/Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind/Tragedy Of One's Own Soul/The Dance/Beautiful Ghost/Rhiannon/At The Fair/ Doing The Best That I Can/The Charmed Ones/Docklands/Rhiannon/Forest Of The Black Roses/Maker Of Birds/Forsaken Love/Sisters Of The Moon/Planets Of The Universe/China Doll/Beauty And The Beast/Gypsy/Mirror Mirror/Smile At You/No Spoken Word/Thousand Days/Whole Lotta Trouble/ Beautiful Ghost/Prettiest Girl In The World/Dial The Number (w/Kenny G.)/Ooh Ooh Baby/Love Don't Fail Me Now/Battle Of The Dragon/Rooms On Fire/The Dance/Castaway/Mirror Mirror/If You Ever Did Believe/Starshine/Do I Bring You Down (not Stevie)/She Loves Him Still/No Spoken Word/Tied Up (In Promises)/If You Were My Love/Mix Down/Dial The Number/ Lady From The Mountain/Ooh Ooh Baby/Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger/Affairs Of The Heart/All These Years

  • Crystal Visions Volume #2 (4 CDs) -

    Baby Doll/Golden Braid/Belle Fleur/Destiny/Goodbye Baby/Sisters Of The Moon/I Sing For The Things/The Dealer/Lady From The Mountain/24 Karat Gold/Cecilia/Christian/Julia/Sanctuary/Rock A Little/ Without You/ Candlebright/That's Alright/Garbo/Sorcerer/Cathouse Blues/Goldfish And The Ladybug/Watch Devil/Secret Love/ Storms/Watch Devil (alt.)/All The King's Horses/Mabel Normand/It's Not A Dream/All The King's Horses/Blue mp/Forsaken Love/Mirror Mirror/Castaway/Dial The Number/Greta/No Questions Asked/Nightbird/Jane/Running Through The Garden/At The Fair/How Still My Love/Gypsy Beggar/Twisted/The Nightmare/Knocking On Doors/If You Were My Love/ Joan Of Arc/If You Ever Did Believe/The Dealer/How Still My Love/

  • Early Recordings From The Mountain (4 CDs) -

    Bella Donna/Leather And Lace/Think About It/After The Glitter Fades/ The Highwayman/Outside The Rain/If Anyone Falls/Nothing Ever Changes/ I Sing For The Things/Sister Honey/No Spoken Word/Some Become Strangers/Juliet/Rooms On Fire/Listen To The Rain/Love Is Like A River/Night Gallery/Rock A Bye Baby/If You Were My Love/Are You Mine/The Dealer #1/The Dealer #2/Lady From The Mountain #1/Lady From The Mountain #2/Rose Garden/Forsaken Love/All These Years/Juliet/Smile At You/Love Is Like A River/Ooh Ooh Baby/It's Not A Dream/Affairs Of The Heart/What Has R&R Ever Done For You/ Goldfish And The Ladybug/Lady From The Mountain/Christian/Forest Of The Black Roses/Maker Of Birds/Forsaken Love/Dial Of The Number/Baby Doll/Doing The Best That I Can/Kind Of Woman/Garbo/Twisted/Baby Doll/Golden Braid/Belle Fleur/Destiny/Goodbye Baby/Mirror Mirror/Smile At You/Prettiest Girl In The World/Sisters Of The Moon/ I Sing For The Things/The Dealer/Lady From The Mountain/24 Karat Gold/Cecilia/Christian/Julia/Sanctuary/Rock A Little

  • Enchanted Gypsy Vol 1-3

  • Poets Priests & Legends Vol 1-7 (7 CDs)-

    DISC 1/Without You (Buckingham/Nicks Demo) /Nomad (Buckingham/Nicks Demo) /That's Alright (Buckingham/Nicks Demo)/.Garbo (Buckingham/Nicks Demo)/Sorcerer (Buckingham/Nicks Demo)/Cathouse Blues/Buckingham/Nicks Demo)/Goldfish And The Ladybug/Buckingham/Nicks Demo)/Watch Devil (Version #1)/Secret Love/.Storms (11 Minute Studio Demo)/.Watch Devil (Alternate) DISC 2/How Still My Love (Demo Version #1)/.Gypsy Beggar /Twisted(Outtake)/The Nightmare (Piano)/Knockin' On Doors/If You Were My Love(Piano)/Joan Of Arc/If You Ever Did Believe (Demo)/Mistress Of My Fate (The Dealer)/How Still My Love (Outtake)/Edge Of Seventeen (Dance Mix)/All Over You (With Prince) DISC 3/All The King's Horses (Up Beat Version)/Mabel Normand/It's Not A Dream/All The King's Horses (Demo Version #2)/Blue Lamp /Mistaken Love (Piano Intro)/Mirror Mirror/.Castaway/.Dial The Number (Demo Version #1) /Greta (Early Version)/No Questions Asked/Nightbird (Studio) /Jane (Early Version)/Running Through The Garden /At The Fair/DISC 4/Beautiful Ghost/Love And War/.Rooms On Fire (Demo Version #1)/Rooms On Fire (Demo Version #2)/Something Exquisite/Tragedy Of One's Own Soul/Old Fashioned (The Dance)/Prettiest Girl In The World/Dial The Number Demo Version #1)/Dial The Number (Version #2) /Docklands /Whole Lotta Trouble/Doing The Best I Can /.Impossible Task /It Takes A Long Time/Love Don't Fail Me Now/DISC 5/Rhiannon (Talking Piano Version)/Lady From The Mountain/Sorcerer (Demo Version #2)/Cecilia (Demo Version #1)/Sisters Of The Moon (Outtake Version #1)/Rhiannon (Live 1976)/God's Garden/Stay Away/Maker Of The Birds/Forest Of The Black Roses/The Tower/Amber/Julia/Rhiannon (Live 1998)/DISC 6/Baby Doll/Gold And Braid/.Belle Fleur/Destiny (Demo Version #1)/The Tower/Sisters Of The Moon/Piano Demo Version)/I Sing For The Things/Mistress Of My Fate/Lady From The Mountain/24 Karat Gold/Cecilia (Demo Version #1)/.Mirror Ball/Spinning Wheels)/Julia/Sanctuary/Rock A Little (Demo)/DISC 7/If You Ever Did Believe (Album Version)/Starshine/Do I Bring You Down/She Loves Him Still /No Spoken Word (Oct.6,1989-Houston, TX)/Tied Up In Promises/If You Were My Love/Love And War/Night Gallery/Bella Donna (Early Demo)/Ooh Baby /Destiny (Demo Version #2)/Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger/Some Become Strangers (Unreleased Version) /The Nightmare unreleased Version)

  • Enchanted Dreams (4 Cassettes) -

    Baby Doll/Golden Braid/If You Ever Did Believe/All The King's Horses/The Dealer/Smile At You/Castaway/Destiny/Planets Of The Universe/Goodbye Baby/Sanctuary/Dial The Number/ Tied Up (In Promises)/Lady From The Mountain/24 Karat Gold/Julia/She Loves Him Still/When I See You Again/Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind/Stand Back/Rock A Little/Welcome To The Room...Sara/Beautiful Ghost/Jane's Song/All The Beautiful Worlds/ Running Through The Garden/ Do I Bring You Down (not Stevie)/If You Were My Love/At The Fair/ Silver Springs/Mix Down/What Has R&R Ever Done For You/ Thousand Days/Blue Lamp-It's Not A Dream/ Prettiest Girl In The World/The Dance/I Sing For The Things/Gypsy/ After The Glitter Fades/ Nightbird / Seven Wonders/Candlebright/ Garbo / Crying In The Night/Gold Dust Woman (rehearsal '98)/After The Glitter Fades (rehearsal '98)/Battle Of The Dragon/Talk To Me/Rock A Little/Mirror Mirror/The Nightmare/Silent Night/Edge Of Seventeen/How Still My Love/All Over You/Twisted/Gypsy Beggar/Something Exquisite/That's Alright


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