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List of shows from artists/band other than Nicks/Fleetwood Mac :

Inquire about tracks list for shows that don't have one on here


  • Dido - Karma Club Boston May 4th 2000

    My Lovers Gone/ All You Want/Here With Me/ Honestly OK/ I'm No Angel/ My Life/Don't Think Of Me/Afraid To Sleep/Thank You/ Hunter/Don't Leave Home/ Here With Me (Conan O'Brien Show)

  • Dixie Chicks - Shepards Bush Empire August 28th 1999

    Tonight The Heartache's On Me/The Price I Paid/Am I The Only One (who's ever felt this way)/Loving Arms/Hey Dixie (I hear you Calling)/There's Your Trouble/ Love Like A Man/ Stand By Your Man/Let 'er Rip/ Roanoake/ You Were Mine/ Wide Open Spaces/ Give It Up Or Let Me Go/

  • Dixie Chicks with James Taylor - Crossroads Introduction/Somedays Ya Got To Dance/ Baby James/ Wide Open Spaces/ October Road/ A Home/ Shower The People/ Questions and Answers/ Ready To Run/ White Trash Wedding/ Landslide live/ Landslide/ Landslide Chris the Greek Club Mix/

  • Madonna - Drowned World Tour August 26th 2001 Palace Of Auburn Hills - Detroit MI (2 CDs)-

    Drowned World / Substitute For Love/ Impressive Instant/Candy Perfume Girl/Beautiful Stranger/ Ray Of Light / Drowned World / Substitute For Love (part 2)/ Paradise - Interlude/ Frozen/Nobody's Perfect/Mer Girl (part 1)/ Sky Fits Heaven/ Mer Girl (part 2)/ What It Feels Like For A Girl - Interlude/ I Deserve It/Don't Tell Me/Human Nature/The Funny Song (Oh Dear Daddy)/Secret/Gone/Don't Cry For Me Argentina (instrumental)/Lo Que Siente La Mujer/La Isla Bonita/Holiday/ Music/ End Credits

  • Madonna-The Best Re-Invention Tour Remixes Vol. 1-10 (10 CDs)

  • Sheryl Crow - Acoustic in Australia, October 23rd 1998-

    If It Makes You Happy/A Change Would Do You Good/My Favorite Mistake/Strong Enough/ Mississippi/Everyday Is A Winding Road/All I wanna Do/

  • Sheryl Crow - The Trinity Church Sessions - November 13th 1998 Toronto

    If It Makes You Happy/A Change/My Favorite Mistake/Riverwide/It Don't Hurt/ Leaving Las Vegas/Anything But Down/Is It Like Today/Strong Enough/. Mississippi/The Difficult Kind/. Everyday Is A Winding Road

  • Sheryl Crow - Storytellers 98 Plus

    Everyday Is A Winding Road/ Welcome / Intro/. If It Makes You Happy/ My Favourite Mistake/Ode To Billy Joe/ Riverwide/Strong Enough with Stevie Nicks/Landmines Speech/ All I Want To Do/Leaving Las Vagas/ Home/ Bonus Tracks12. My Favourite Mistake (first cut demo)/ Neil Finn and Sheryl Crow Live At The Roxy Los Angeles 11th Nov 98/It's Only Natural/ Weather With You/Souvenir/Four Seasons In One Day/ Home/ She Will Have Her Way

  • Sheryl Crow - VH1 Making some noise (Breast Cancer Concert)

    Everyday Is A Winding Road/ Soak Up The Sun/All I Wanna Do/Steve McQueen/Sorcerer/ C'mon C'mon/There Goes The Neighbourhood/Safe And Sound/Missing (from Japanese cd)/ I Want You (from Japanese cd)/ You're Not The One (outtake with Stevie Nicks)/ Diamond Road (with Stevie Nicks)/ Members only (from the sound track Shallow Hall)/ Mother Natures Song (from the sound track I am Sam)/ Good Morning Heartache (with Tony Bennent)

  • Sheryl Crow - Tinley Park - August 11th 2002 (2 CDs)-

    Introduction/ Steve McQueen/ Everyday Is A Winding Road/ My Favourite Mistake/C'Mon C'Mon/ Your An Original/ Leaving Las Vegas/ Strong Enough/ If It Makes You Happy/ Lucky Kid/A Change Would Do You Good/ Can't Explain/The Difficult Kind/ All I Wanna Do/ Soak Up The Sun/There Goes The Neighbourhood/Safe And Sound/Rock And Roll/

  • Sheryl Crow - Virginia Beach - recorded August 15th 2002 (2CDs)

    Steve McQueen/ Everyday Is A Winding Road/ C'mon C'mon/ Your An Original/ Strong Enough/ Leaving Las Vagas/ Abilene/ If It Makes You Happy/ Lucky Kid/A Change Would Do You Good/ Can't Explain/ The Difficult Kind/All I Wanna Do/ Soak Up The Sun/There Goes The Neighborhood/ Safe And Sound/ Rock And Roll

  • Sheryl Crow - The Unreleased Album-

    Near Me/ Love Is Over/ You Want It All/Hundreds Of Tears/ The Last Time/ Borrowed Time/. All Kinds Of People/ Fathers Son/ What Does It Matter/ Indian Summer/ I Will Walk With You/ Love You Blind/Leaving Las Vegas (live)/ Volvo Girl (live)/ All I Wanna Do (live)/ Run Baby Run (live)

  • Sheryl Crow - Pickin' Out Sheryl Crow-

    Hundreds of tears (Point break soundtrack, 1991) 6:45/ D'yer Maker (Encomium - Tribute to Led Zeppelin, 1995) 4:20/ Keep on growing (Boys on the side soundtrack, 1995) 5:27/ On the outside (Songs in the key of X, 1996) 4:37/ I'm going to be a wheel someday (Fastrack to nowhere soundtrack, 1996) 3:34/ Tomorrow never dies (Tomorrow never dies soundtrack, 1997) 4:22/ Blue Christmas (A very special Christmas 3, 1997) 3:30/ Sad sad world (Hard to make a stand soundtrack, 1997) 4:04/ In need (Hope floats soundtrack, 1998) 5:31/ Free man (Everyday is a winding road B side, 1996) 3:19/ Resuscitation (The faculty soundtrack, 1998) 3:56/ You always get your way (There goes the neighborhood B side) 2:40/ Carolina (Message in a bottle soundtrack, 1999) 3:55/ Sweet child o'mine (Big daddy soundtrack, 1999) 3:49/ Juanita (Return of the grievous angel - tribute to Gram Parsons, 1999) 2:38/. Merry Christmas baby (A very special Christmas live, 1999) 4:12/Time has come today (Steal the movie soundtrack, 2000) 4:15/Squeeze box (live, December 12th 1997) 2:51

  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-02-07-97-20 Nights At The Filmore San Francisco, CA (3 CDs)-

    Around And Around/Jammin' Me/Running Down A Dream/Time Is On My Side/Call Me The Breeze/Cabin Down Below/Diddy Wah Diddy/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/ Listen TO Her Heart/I Won't Back Down/THe Date I Had With THe Ugly Homecoming Queen/I Found My Baby(with John Lee Hooker/Serves You Right (with John Lee HOoker/Boogie Chillin/It's Good TO Be King/Green Onions/You Are My Sunshine/AIn't No Sunshine/On THe Street/I Want You Back Again/Little Maggie/Walls/Angel Dream/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Even The Losers/American Girl/You REally Got Me/COuntry Farm/You Wreck Me/SHaking All Over/Mary Jane's Last Dance/You Don't Know How It Feels/I Got A Woman/Free Falling/GLoria/Bye Bye Johnny/Satisfaction/Louie Louie/It's All Over Now/Alright For Now

  • Sarah McLachlan Afterglow Live World Tour- General Motors Place Vancouver BC Canada September 10th 2004(2CDs)-

    Fallen/World On Fire/Talking To Audience/Adia/You Are My Sunshine/Hold On/Perfect Girl/Drifting/Talking To Audience/Push/I Will Remember You/Ice/ Wait/Witness/Answer/Angel/Fear/Train Wreck/Building A Mystery/Sweet SUrrender/Possesion/Applause/Blackbird/Ice Cream/Band Introduction/Stupid/Fumbling Towards Ecatasy/Applause/Dirty Little Secret

  • Sarah McLachlan Afterglow Live World Tour- Pepsi Stage Amsterdam The Netherlands November 17, 2004(2CDs)-

    Fallen/World On Fire/Adia//Hold On/Perfect Girl/Drifting//Push//Answer/Wait/Witness//Fear/Train Wreck/Building A Mystery/Sweet SUrrender/Possesion/Ice Cream/Silence/Stupid/Fumbling Towards Ecatasy/Angel

  • 10,000 Maniacs-In My Tribe Demos & Takes
  • 10,000 Maniacs-In My Tribe Tour-7-31-88 Sadlers
  • Wells Theatre London, England
  • 10,000 Maniacs-In My Tribe Tour-9-14-89 Mansfield, MA(2CDs)
  • Annie Lennox-Solo Tour-7-16-04 Riverside Studios
  • B52's-8-24-79 Boston Performance Center 8-24-79
  • B52's-11-26-82 Mantego Bay Freeport Zone, Jamacia
  • Bangles-12-13-86 Pittsburgh, USA
  • BAUHAUS-3-29-80 Berlin, Germany
  • Billy Idol-4-12-05 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Bob Segar & The Silver Bullet Band-9-28-80 Uniondale, NY
  • Christine McVie-1984 Reseda, CA
  • Culture Club-Colour By NUmbers Tour-3-18-83 Upper Darby, Phildelphia, PA
  • Cyndi Lauper-10-10-84 The Summit Housdton, TX
  • Cyndi Lauper-03-14-03 Casino Rama Orillia Onttario, Canada(2CDs)
  • David Bowie-Serious Moonlight Tour-3-28-05 Forum, Montreal(2CDs)
  • Donna Summers-Gold(2CDs)
  • Duran Duran-4-28-82 Nakano Sun Plaza-Toyko, JP Duran Duran-Astronaut Tour-3-18-05 Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL(2CDs)
  • Duran Duran-Astronaut Tour-3-24-05 The Palace Of Auburn Hills-Auburn Hills, Detroit(2CDs)
  • Duran Duran-Astronaut Tour-4-2-05 Philadelphia, PA
  • Eagles-1979 Seven Bridges Road
  • Eagles-04-03-05 Nassau Coliseum UNiondale, NY
  • Erasure-4-3-05 Chicago, IL DAT Master
  • Garbage-Bleed Like Me Tour-3-30-05 The Scala London, UK
  • Garbage-Bleed Like Me Tour-4-10-05 San Francisco, CA
  • Garbage-Bleed Like Me Tour-4-11-05 Los Angeles, CA
  • Garbage-Bleed Like Me Tour-4-21-05 9:30 Club Washington DC
  • Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-06-06-87 Catalyst
  • Joss Stone-Complete Works(2 Cds-3 Videos)
  • Journey-02-25-83 Diamond Night Oska Japan(2CDs)
  • Keane-7-16-04 Arvika Festival-Arvika, Sweden
  • Natalie Merchant-94-95 Solo Sessions
  • Natalie Merchant-7-21-1996 Wallingford, CT
  • Pretenders-5-30-83 San Bernardino, CA
  • Quarterflash-Live 1982
  • Sade-11-9-84 Hammersmith Oleon, London, England
  • Scissor Sisters-7-13-04 Montreux Jazz Festival
  • Scissor Sisters-8-14-04 Moscow, Russia
  • Scissor Sisters-The Rest Of The...Demos & B-Sides
  • Sheryl Crow-1999-Woodstock
  • Sinead O'Connor-06-23-95 Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, UK
  • Siouxsie & The Banshees-Live USA 1992
  • Smashing Pumpkins-6-27-97 Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, UK
  • Smashing Pumpkins-Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness Demos II(Upgrade)
  • Smashing Pumpkins-Mellon Collie & The Infinte Sadness Demos III
  • Soft Cell-The Very Best of
  • The Carpenters-A Song For You
  • The Corrs-04-21-01 Sheffield, UK(2CDs)
  • The Corrs-Borrowed Time Tour-London, England( 2CDs)
  • The Cure-Head On The Door Tour-7-14-86 Clarkston, MI
  • The Cure-Head On The Door Tour-7-20-86 Houston, TX(2CDs)
  • The Cure-10-23-87 Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Tour Isstadion, Sweden(2CDs)
  • The Cure-5-9-89 Palasport Torino, Italy(2CDs)
  • The Cure-05-11-89 Ssen, Germany Dark Night
  • The Cure-Disintergration Tour-10-09-89 Mountain View, CA(3CDs)
  • The Cure-Disintergration Tour-7-6-90 Leysin, Switzerland(2CDs)
  • The Cure-1-24-91 MTV Unplugged London Studios
  • The Cure-Trilogy(Live)Pornography
  • The Cure-Trilogy(Live)Disintergration
  • The Cure-Trilogy(Live)Blood Flowers
  • The Cure-The Barfly 3-05-04 London, England
  • The Cure-An Evening W/The Cure 8-31-04 Everett, VA(3CDs)
  • The Cure-Join The Dots(B-Side & Unreleashed)Vol. 1-4
  • The Motels-09-29-92 Universal City, CA
  • The Police-Synchronicity Tour-8-15-83 Norfolk, VA(2CDs)
  • The Smiths- 1-31-84 Sheffield, UK
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- 7-27-85 Concord, CA(2CDs)
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- 07-22-89 Mountainview, CA(2CDs)
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- 5-18-90 Wilmington, NC
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-1993-Gainesville, FL
  • Tori Amos- 4-4-05 Atlanta, GA(2CDs)
  • U2-Veritgo Tour-3-28-05 San Diego Sports Arena San Diego, CA(2CDs)
  • U2-Veritgo Tour-3-30-05 San Diego Sports Arena San Diego, CA(2CDs)
  • U2-Vertigo Tour-04-02-05 Anaheim, CA
  • (2)U2-Vertigo Tour-04-06-05 Los Angeles, CA
  • U2-Vertigo Tour-04-09-05 San Jose, CA
  • U2-Vertigo Tour-04-10-05 San Jose, CA
  • U2-Vertigo Tour-04-24-05 Key Arena Seattle, WA
  • U2-Vertigo Tour-04-28-05 Vancouver, British Columbia


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