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  Silly Dreamer Trading "Mac Demos/Outtakes/Masters"


 Mac Demos/Outtakes/Masters
 Stevie Nicks Live
 Stevie Nicks Demos/Outtakes/Masters
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 Mac Demos/Outtakes/Masters
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Mac Demos/Outtakes/Masters

  • Rumours: The Other Side -

    Second Hand News/Oh Daddy/Go Your Own Way/ Silver Springs #1/Gold Dust Woman #1/Gold Dust Woman #2/Think About It/ I Don't Want To Know (alt.), The Chain #1/You Make Loving Fun/Songbird/ Don't Stop/Dreams/The Chain #2/The Dealer/Silver Springs #2

  • Rumours Sessions 1976-1977-

    POTU(Demo)/Silver Springs(Outtake)/Dreams/GDW(Demo)/GDW(Outtake)/Think About It

  • Uncirculated Rumours -

    Castaway #1/Silver Springs (paino demo)/ Rhiannon #1/Forsaken Love #1/Rhiannon #2/Forsaken love #2/ Sleeping Angel/Sara/Castaway #2

  • More Uncirculated Rumours -

    Forest Of The Black Roses #1/ Forest Of The Black Roses #2/Blue Water/Think About It/ If You Ever Did Believe/Smile At You/Leather And Lace/Julia/Maker Of Birds

  • Staying True (edited tracks from "Rumours" DVD-A) -

    Second Hand News/Dreams/Never Going Back Again/Don't Stop/Go Your Own Way/Silver Springs/The Chain/You Make Loving Fun/I Don't Want To Know #1/Oh Daddy/Gold Dust Woman/Songbird/ Silver Springs #1/Silver Springs #2/I Don't Want To Know #2

  • Tusk Reels 1979-1980

    Stevie Nicks 3.18.86 & 12.1.79 Storms - 2 unknown instrumental tracks/ The Farmer's Daughter/ Tusk #1/ Tusk #2/ Walk A Thin Line (several tracks)/ I Know I'm Not Wrong #1 and #2/ The Dealer, Sara/Beauty And The Beast/ Joan Of Arc (3-9-86)/ The Nightmare (3-9-86)/ Storms(12-1-79)

  • 1978 Rough Mixes & Tusk Sessions #2 (1/15/79) -

    Sisters Of The Moon (instr.)/Over And Over (instr.)/That's Enough For Me (instr.)/Never Forget (instr.)/Brown Eyes (instr.)/Beautiful Child/IKINW/ That's All For Everyone/Sisters Of The Moon/Walk A Thin Line/That's Enough For Me/Over And Over/WMYTYTO/The Dealer/IKINW (1/15/79)/IKINW #1/IKINW #2/IKINW #3

  • Tusk Sessions-

    SOTM(Outtake)/Storms(Demo)/ BC(Outtake)/Sara(Demo)/SOTM(Single Version)

  • Tusk/Mirage Reels -

    That's All For Everyone/Think About Me #1/Think About Me #2/Studio Jam/What Makes You Think You're The One/Think About Me #3/Tusk/Oh Diane/Can't Go Back #1 & #2/That's Alright

  • Tusk/Mirage Raw Mixes (2 CDs) -

    That's All For Everyone #1/ Think About Me #1/Think About Me #2/What Makes You Think You're The One #1/ Tusk #1/Oh Diane #1/Can't Go Back #1/Can't Go Back #2/That's Alright #1/Angel #1/ Storms #1/Beautiful Child #1/Sisters Of The Moon #1/Sara #1/ That's All For Everyone #2/Think About Me #3/Think About Me #4/ What Makes You Think You're The One #2/Oh Diane #2/Can't Go Back #3/ Can't Go Back #4/Angel #2/Storms #2/Beautiful Child #2/Sisters Of The Moon #2/ Sara #2/The Ledge/Honey Hi/The Farmer's Daughter

  • Tusk Copies-

    Sara #1,Beauty And The Beast,Angel,Storms,Beautiful Child,Sisters Of The Moon, Sara #2, Sara(cleaning lady version),Storms,The Dealer,Sister Of The Moon,Angel,Beautiful Child

  • Tusk Outtakes #1 -

    The Dealer/Walk A Thin Line/Beautiful Child/The Ledge/Think About Me (Chris solo)/Angel/Sisters Of The Moon/Lady From The Mountain/Sara/Over And Over/I Know I'm Not Wrong (instr.)/Storms/Beauty And The Beast/That's Enough For Me

  • Tusk Outtakes #2 -

    Sara (remix)/Do You Want To Dance/Dreams (rehearsal)/Over And Over (rehearsal)/What Makes You Think You're The One/Angel/That's All For Everyone (instr.)/Sisters Of The Moon/Think About Me/Beautiful Child/Never Forget/Save Me A Place/Honey Hi/Go Your Own Way(Atlanta '80)/Sisters Of The Moon (Atlanta '80)/Songbird (Atlanta '80)

  • Tusk Outtakes #3 -

    Angel (rehearsal)/Beautiful Child #1/Beauty And The Beast/ The Dealer/Fireflies #1/Lady From The Mountain/Sara/Sisters Of The Moon #1/Storms/ Angel/Sisters Of The Moon #2/Beautiful Child #2/Fireflies #2/Sisters Of The Moon #3

  • Fleetwood Mac Roughs -

    (12-15) Eyes Of The World #1/Eyes Of The World #2/(1-17: Tango Roughs) - Lindsey guitar jingle/ Everywhere/Mystified/Lindsey's Riff (Little Lies #3)/ (10-1-86: Tango Mixes) - When I See You Again/Family Man/Tango In The Night/Everywhere/Isn't It Midnight/ (12-11-86: Finals) - Caroline/(Rumours Mixes) - Second Hand News/ Dreams/Never Going Back Again/Don't Stop/Go Your Own Way/Songbird

  • Picking Up The Pieces -

    Why (live)/Dreams (live)/Wish You Were Here/That's Alright/Seven Wonders (live)/Never Make Me cry/Save Me A Place (live)/Sara (live '82)/If You Ever Did Believe/Reconsider Me/Hold Me/If You Were My Love/Oh Diane/ Think About Me/Storms/Silver Springs (live '97)

  • The Dream Has Just Begun-

    Straight Back/Sisters Of The Moon/Sara/Think About Me/Wish You Were Here (live)/Big Love/Affairs Of The Heart/Need Your Love So Bad/The Chain/Over And Over/The Dealer/Mystified (LB)/Smile At You/Blue Monday/Why (live)/Hold Me (Chris solo)/If You Were Mine/Never Make Me Cry

  • Mirage Demos & Remixes -

    That's Alright (remix)/Gypsy (remix)/If You Were My Love/ Straight Back #1/That's Alright #2/Gypsy #2/Smile At You/Straight Back (remix)/ Sara (live '82)/That's Alright #3/Straight Back #3/Gypsy #3/ I've Been Loving You Too Long/Eyes Of The World/Enchanted/Gypsy #4

  • The Other Mirage -

    Gypsy/If You Were My Love/Smile At You/ Straight Back/That's Alright/I've Been Loving You Too Long/Eyes Of The World/ Gypsy (early take)/Gypsy (slow version)/Gypsy (short version)/ Gypsy (long version)/Straight Back (early take)/Straight Back (long version)/ That's Alrright/That's Alright (long version)

  • Illusions: Mirage Outtakes -

    Love In Store/That's Alright/Blue Monday/ Hold Me (LB lead vocal)/Gypsy #1/Eyes Of The World/If You Were My Love #1/ Wish You Were Here/Smile At You/Straight Back/Can't Go Back (instr.)/ Oh Diane (instr.)/Goodbye Angel (instr.)/Book Of Love (instr.)/Gypsy #2/ If You Were My Love #2

  • Mixed Bag #1 -

    That's Alright/Documentation of "Rock A Little"/"The Chain" writing process/1977 Rehearsal (Say You Love Me/Believe Me #1/ Believe Me #2/Go Your Own Way/Dreams /The Chain/Why)

  • Tango In The Night Remixes, Alternates, & Outtakes (3 CDs) -

    Welcome To The Room...Sara/Isn't it Midnight/You And I Part 1/Down Endless Street/Ricky #1/Ricky #2/Book Of Miracles #1/Book Of Miracles #2/Joan Of Arc/ What Has Rock And Roll Ever Done For You/Mystified #1/Mystified #2/Caroline/Special Kind Of Love/When I See You Again/Everywhere #1/ Everywhere #2/Everywhere #3/Little Lies #1/Little Lies #2/Little Lies #3/Jazz Man/Family Man #1/Family Man #2/Family Man #3/Family Party/Big Love #1/ Big Love #2/Big Love #3/Big Love #4/Big Love #5/Seven Wonders #1/ Seven Wonders #2/Seven Wonders #3/Seven Wonders #4/Seven Wonders #5/ Seven Wonders #6

  • Everywhere(Remixes)-

    LmM Project Feat. Bonnie Bailey-Everywhere/(Eric Kupper's Everywhere Elextravanganza Remix)/ LMP-Everywhere(Original 12" MIx)/ LMP-Everywhere(Original Radio Edit)/ LMP-Everywhere(The Sharp Boys Royal House Remix)/ LMP-Everywhere(Tom De Neef's Twisted Dub)

  • Missing Links (4 CDs) -

    Monday Morning (studio demo)/Say You Love Me (studio demo)/Warm Ways (studio demo)/Second Hand News/Oh Daddy/Silver Springs/ Songbird/ Dreams/Watchdevil/Beauty And The Beast/Walk A Thin Line/Sisters Of The Moon/Sara #1/I Know I'm Not Wrong/Take A Little Time/Think About Me/Angel (rehearsal)/Save Me A Place/Sara #2 (instr.)/The Highwayman/Think About It/Trouble ('82 rehearsal)/Wish You Were Here (rehearsal)/Gypsy/Eyes Of The World/If You Were My Love/The Chain (rehearsal)/Got A Hold On Me (live)/Melacine/China Doll/Talk To Me/Juliet/Isn't It Midnight/When I See You Again/Big Love/Seven Wonders/Little Lies/Stop Messing Around/Hard Feelings/Affairs Of The Heart/Do You Know/Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind/Dreaming The Dream/Silver Springs (live '97)

  • Say You Will-"Center Channel" Mix "-

    This disc was made from bringing out the center channel on the DVD-A version of "Say You Will". The result is tracks that have vocals with very little background music (or in some cases, none at all) affording an intimate listen to the songs in their simplest form. "Goodbye Baby", for example, sounds completely a capella when rendered this way. You can hear vocal & instrumental nuances that are lost in the regular version. Perfect quality.

  • Say You Will-Early Mixes-

    Thrown Down #1 ("Wall Of Sound" version straight from master)~Running Through the Garden #1 (Very cool, Some vocal parts have echo, Lindsey is a LOT more audible, the last verse is clearly heard, etc.)~Say You Will (Early mix with some different guitar work)~Everybody Finds Out #1 (Awesome stripped down version without backing vocals or vocal effects)~What's The World Coming To (Early mix with more audible and different vocals from Stevie)~Everybody Finds Out #2 (Early mix-Lindsey's vocals are more prominent and it's mixed completely differently than the album version)~Steal Your Heart Away (Early mix-Lindsey makes this annoying "mmmmmmm" sound)~Thrown Down #2 (Early mix with very different vocals from Lindsey)~Miranda (Very rough mix of Stevie's vocals)~Running Through The Garden #2 (Early mix-Mostly instrumental, but with different backing vocals and slightly different guitar work)~Peacekeeper (Early mix)

  • Say You Will Rarities-

    Goodbye Baby (8/1/03-Reno, NV-Lindsey Finishes The Song Solo)/Illume (Thunder Mix)/Thrown Down (Center channel)/Thrown Down ("Wall Of Sound")/Say You Will (Fade remix)/Say You Will (Making-of)/Peacekeeper (Single mix)/Peacekeeper (Solo version)/Say You Will (Cold remix)/Thrown Down (Making-of)/Destiny Rules (Borders promo clip)/Peacekeeper (AOL sessions)/Destiny Rules (Making-of)

  • Say You Will Surround Sound Mix-

    Illume/Thrown Down/Miranda/Red Rover/Say You Will/Peacekeeper/ Running Through The Garden/Steal Your Heart Away/Bleed To Love Her/Everybody Finds Out/Destiny Rules/Say Goodbye/Goodbye Baby

  • Say You Will Again Digital Mix-

    What's The World Coming To/Murrow Turning Over In His Grave/ Illume (9/11)/Thrown Down/Miranda/Red Rover/Say You Will/Peacekeeper/Come/Smile At You/Running Through The Garden/ Silver Girl/Steal Your Heart Away/Bleed To Love Her/Everybody Finds Out/Destiny Rules/Say Goodbye/Goodbye Baby

  • Say You Will Center and Surround Sound mix-

    What's The World Coming To/Murrow Turning Over In His Grave/ Illume (9/11)/Thrown Down/Miranda/Red Rover/Say You Will/Peacekeeper/Come/Smile At You/Running Through The Garden/ Silver Girl/Steal Your Heart Away/Bleed To Love Her/Everybody Finds Out/Destiny Rules/Say Goodbye/Goodbye Baby


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